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An interactive forum for customers, partners, developers and employees to engage, connect, collaborate, and share their knowledge & experience of Whispir’s conversation platform.

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Who is part of the Whispir Community?

The Whispir Community consists of thousands of members including new customer users, people who have been using Whispir for many years and developers building apps on Whispir. In addition, Whispir Community members also include Whispir employees and partners full of knowledge to offer regarding Whispir products and best practices.

What should I expect from the Whispir Community?

On the community today, there is already loads of great content that you can search and browse on, start discussions, and answer other people’s questions. It is intended to function as an interactive forum that will continue to grow as more and more users and employees contribute.

Here are a few additional things you can expect to gain from joining the Whispir Community;

  • Immediate & unlimited access to online training documentation, webinars and videos.
  • Learn how other members have successfully implemented and expanded their use of Whispir
  • Log a new request in the Customer Support area and Whispir will assign a Customer Support Representative to work on resolving your case.
  • Manage your personal feed of questions and contributions

For more information on the various community areas and how to access them, please visit: Site Navigation

How to log in for the first time

If you are new to the community, click the “Register” link under the “Whispir Community” link in the “Resources” section of Registration is open and free to all users. Enter all the required fields. You should receive an email from Whispir to validate your email address. Follow the instructions in the email to complete a short registration.

Or click on the links below to go directly the log In page:

Existing Whispir Community users

If you are already registered for Whispir Community, click the “Log in’ link under the “Whispir Comunity” link in the “Resources” section of Enter your email address in the username field and your password.

Browser compatibility

For optimal experience with the Whispir Community, the following browsers are recommended.

  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • IE9 and above
  • Safari

Log In assistance

If you forget your password, On the Login screen, click the “Forgot your password?" link. Follow the instructions to reset your password.

For additional help, please send an email to the community team. (insert new email address here)

Helpful tools screen
Login screen

Site navigation


he Whispir Community is organized into three sections under the top navigation menu.

The ‘Featured’ section is the default homepage and is divided into six key topic areas represented by the image tiles: Getting Started, Releases & Features, API’s, Security &Compliance, Technology & Architecture and Documentation.

The ‘Discussions’ section takes you straight into the most recent Questions & Answers posted and answered by the community. From here you can search all content using appropriate keywords or ask the community for help.

The ‘My Feed’ section is a dedicated view of questions & answers specific to the individual user.


You can search at any time using the search box at the top of the page. Search results will be presented to you as either Discussions (Q&A from the community) or Articles (Whispir provided FAQ’s).


At the bottom of the homepage you are able to directly ask the community for help via a simple question pop-up, or contact Whispir directly for support. If you contact Whispir for support, you will be issued a support ticket number and a member of our Customer Support team will get in contact with you as soon as possible.

This is what you will see in your Whispir Community homepage: