Our technology

Whispir is simple to install and integrate

No hardware or software to install

Avoid wasting IT time and resources on complex implementation processes. Because it’s in the cloud, Whispir rolls out immediately with minimal set up, so users can get started right away.

Pain-free automatic upgrades

Forget about deploying periodic manual upgrades. Whispir's automatic upgrades ensure that your users seamlessly transition onto the latest features without wasting IT time or resources.

Instant on-boarding

No intensive training required. Whispir's user-friendly interface and intuitive design make it easy for new users to start communicating and collaborating right away.  

Roll-out support services

Plan and execute your roll-out under the guidance of a dedicated customer engagement team. Leverage the industry experience and product knowledge of our experts to optimise your Whispir setup.

Integrate easily into existing systems

Whispir integrates with existing systems giving you the ability to embed any feature of the Whispir platform into your applications.  

And it's a pleasure to use

Built for everyone

Whispir delivers the best-in-class user experience by continually developing features based on the changing needs and feedback of our users. The result is a fine-tuned product that users love and are more likely to recommend, driving organic adoption from the bottom up.

Intuitive interface

We designed Whispir’s user interface to be clean, simple and easy-to-use. Intensive training and complex customisations are not required. Whispir's user-friendly interface and intuitive design make it easy for new users to join in right away.

Deeply personalised experience

Whispir is built to enable serendipitous discovery so that users can easily find and connect with relevant people, conversations and information. Each user experience is unique, personal and relevant.  

Exceptional uptime

To ensure maximum uptime and continuous availability, we provide multiple sites, clustered and virtualised environments, redundant communications routes and data replication. Whispir has a historical uptime well in excess of 99.99 percent.

Superior scalability

As your company scales to meet market demands, Whispir adjusts with you. Our cloud infrastructure is elastic – it can scale up to tens of thousands of users or down to a few, according to company needs.