Whispir's enablement process is tailored to your needs.

From the simple and rapid online enablement of Light Edition to tailored and customised Enterprise Edition roll outs, our proven processes and methodologies underpin everything we do.

Our tried and tested approach takes clients through up to 5 phases; from Orientation (where we get to know your business) - to setup and configuration, deployment, training and post implementation review.

Our 5-step delivery process

Here's how we deliver our platform to you. The content of each stage will depend on your specific configuration of Whispir.

Phase API edition Light edition Business edition Essential edition Professional edition Enterprise edition
1. Orientation - - Web conf 1.5 hr Web conf 3 hr In person 3 hr In person
2. Setup & Config Online Online Online 4 hrs consultant 2 days consultant 2 days consultant
3. Deployment Online Online Online 1 hr web conf 3 hrs in person 3 hrs in person
4. Training Online Online 1 hr web 1.5 hrs web 4 hrs in person 1 day in person
5. Review - - - - 1 day in person 3 days in person

Times and enablement methods are indicative only. Tailored enablement packages may vary from those stated.

Plus, some extras

We can also provide the following services, should you need our help:

  • Data management and migration
  • Project and stakeholder management
  • Customisation
  • System optimisation
  • System integration
  • Consultancy services