In any organisation, software is most effective when people genuinely want to use it. That's why we are always looking to develop new functionality that meets the business needs you identify, now and into the future. It's collaborative innovation and we love it!


At Whispir we start with ideas (ours and yours). These ideas need to be prioritised and tested, because the only way to know if a feature is successful is by accurately measuring it's impact.

Based on qualitative user feedback and behavioural analytics, we determine the next incremental improvements to achieve maximum business value over time.


Whispir takes an iterative, Agile approach to development, releasing incremental product enhancements to users as soon as they are ready.

While most enterprise software companies spend months or years building complex features that often fail to gain adoption, Whispir's approach ensures that employees always have access to the latest software, including the newest features and security updates.

Measure and test

We measure the performance of each new feature, including assessing if they helped drive your business goals and desired user behaviours.

Because Whispir works with companies of all sizes and across all industries, we’re able to see emerging patterns and common problems that aren’t immediately obvious within any one organisation. This unique viewpoint helps us anticipate needs and allows us to keep up with your organisation as it changes.


This accelerated cycle iterates over and over again. Feedback from one iteration informs the next, resulting in a finely-tuned product that continuously adapts to meet users’ needs as they evolve.

Do you have an idea for us?

If you are currently using Whispir, you can visit our client community and let us know what features you would like to see within our roadmap.

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