Whispir API

Whispir is 'the ultimate conversation API', with contact management, event management and messaging. You can talk across 8 different channels with a single call.

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Send to thousands of people at once

Create distribution lists from scratch or integrate with your existing systems (like Microsoft Exchange Server contacts). Whispir also supports dynamically created lists based on search rules.

Easily manage message responses

Whispir is designed for two-way communication and conversation. Set up keyword matching to automatically process large amounts of responses or even run simple polls.

Trigger messages from your existing systems

Trigger template-based messages automatically from other systems with event driven messaging. The Whispir Rules Engine works by searching for relevant keywords within the structure of an email, SMS, RSS feed, social media or web content.

Experience reliability and security

Whispir is built for business-critical communications. We deliver enterprise-grade reliability backed with responsive service levels and 24x7x365 support.

Proven track record

Whispir is integrated with systems from train management platforms to CRM's, telephony systems to ERPs. If you need to integrate with SAP or you want to build a stand alone mobile app, Whispir APIs make it easy to build and speed 'time to value'.

Built for developers

The Whispir API is built by developers for developers. To access all the documentation, including live I/O docs, visit the Whispir developer community at: developer.whispir.com