Case Studies

A diverse range of sectors use Whispir for their business communications and conversations, both day-to-day and mission critical. Their specific goals and challenges are varied, but all have a common need: to communicate and converse with their communities in a way that improves both relationships and business outcomes.

Banking & Finance - International Bank

A leading international bank consolidated its disaster recovery and incident management systems, achieving greater operating transparency and reducing costs.


For a leading financial institution, it’s imperative to minimise any downtime and ensure continuity of operations. Our client identified a need to improve the communications process and response times for disaster recovery in order to resolve outages as quickly as possible. They also wanted to streamline existing incident management processes to make the organisation more resilient.

The Solution

The company engaged Whispir to help improve two key business areas – disaster recovery and also incident management.

Prior to Whispir the company to rely on phone trees and manually emailing key people. The platform has been integral in helping to activate and stand down the company’s Recovery Management team. Utilising the multichannel functionality of the platform, messages can be sent to team members simultaneously via SMS, email and voice. Outage information is also published automatically to the company’s internal Sharepoint site.

To help manage and resolve any incidents, notifications are sent out via SMS and email to key staff. In the event of higher priority events, the company uses the platform’s instant teleconference tool to convene engineers, which will automatically call people either via a mobile or landline number to initiate a teleconference.

All communications can be tracked with detailed audit trails. Users can see who received each message, at what time and when they replied. This has proved to be invaluable for reviewing and reporting on incidents, providing a history, timeframe and status of any event.

Having a communications audit trail also provides greater operational transparency; something that is very useful from a compliance point of view in a highly regulated industry.

Since the Whispir Platform has been implemented, business-critical communications processes have been improved, bringing people together more quickly - which ultimately means issues can be resolved much faster.

The Benefits

Improved communications processes

Pre approved message templates and pre-defined distribution lists enable rapid delivery of targeted content via multiple channels simultaneously.

Increased organisational resilience

Hosted and managed in the cloud, with Whispir, messages can be sent and received even if the company’s internal hardware systems fail.

Greater operating transparency

The Whispir Platform’s complete accountability and auditability functionality helps the company to meet its compliance obligations.