Case Studies

A diverse range of sectors use Whispir for their business communications and conversations, both day-to-day and mission critical. Their specific goals and challenges are varied, but all have a common need: to communicate and converse with their communities in a way that improves both relationships and business outcomes.

Manufacturing - Refining & Distribution

A leading Australian oil refinery and petroleum distributor improved the reliability, accuracy and capacity of its business critical communications.


A leading Australian oil refinery previously used a third party paging system for emergency response situations but required a more reliable solution to respond to incidents faster and with more accurate information.

The Solution

Whispir delivered a resilient communications platform for both emergency and everyday situations, removing the reliance on internal email systems and manual call trees.

The fully hosted and managed platform ensures an uninterrupted supply of information and communication between stakeholders and staff. Tailored message templates and pre-defined distribution lists mean targeted messages can be sent simultaneously via SMS, email and voice. Whispir underpins the company’s emergency communications, providing a platform for communicating directly with electricity distributors, transmission providers and government – both at state and federal level. When an emergency situation occurs at the refinery site, the first step after contacting emergency services is to use the Whispir Platform to reach the on-site or in-house emergency crews.

Whispir implemented the emergency response hotline so staff can pick up a mobile or landline anywhere and rapidly report an incident and invoke a response. The hotline has increased response time and made a significant improvement to the safety of staff on-site, making their company more resilient. With the platform’s reporting functionality, updates can also easily be provided to the refinery management, who may be off-site or in other parts of the business.

Implemented the platform meant the entire messaging process was moved in-house so all notifications are managed by the refinery site staff. This has greatly improved the accuracy of the messaging content. Whispir is also helping to align the organisation with industry compliance requirements related to incident management. 

The Benefits

In-house communications: With the Whispir Platform, the client no longer has to rely on third party systems or operators to interpret information.

Complete accountability and audibility: The Whispir Platform’s tracking, and two-way rapid response functionality provides enhanced situational awareness and helps the client to account for staff in emergency situations.

Improved organisational resilience: Whispir’s complete accountability and auditability functionality helps the company to meet its compliance obligations.

No communications risk: No longer solely reliant on SMS, the platform enables the client to send ‘on brand’ SMS, email and voice messages simultaneously from one centralised system.