Case Studies

A diverse range of sectors use Whispir for their business communications and conversations, both day-to-day and mission critical. Their specific goals and challenges are varied, but all have a common need: to communicate and converse with their communities in a way that improves both relationships and business outcomes.

Media & Entertainment - International Broadcaster

A leading Australian broadcaster uses Whispir to ensure business continuity and enhance speed of communication between staff and stakeholders.


In the age of the 24-hour news cycle, the national broadcaster is constantly looking for better ways to improve processes and manage stakeholders. Recent challenges have centred around rostering, keeping staff contact information up-to-date and the flow of information in regards to breaking radio news.

The Solution

The Whispir Platform solves multiple operational challenges across the organisation including an SMS facility for crisis communications, a customised user portal to help manage contact information and rostering, and the ‘News Alert’ system for breaking news stories.

With many staff covering major events, both locally and overseas, it was important that staff could be contactable when working off-site. Utilising the platform’s multichannel communications capabilities, staff can be notified via SMS and email should any situation arise such as a building evacuation, fire or severe weather situation.

A customised user portal was developed to help manage contact information and rostering. It supports the operations of the Resources division, the department which brings together off-camera professions including producers, editors and lighting. Messages are sent from the Whispir Platform to staff alerting them to log-in to the portal to confirm shift availability. This supports an in-house product and once an alert is received then people can action their availability and preference for shifts.

Whispir also helped the organisation’s local radio division enhance their breaking news notification capabilities providing more targeted and consistent communications. The News Alert system was designed to be used outside of normal business hours when there may be less awareness of stories as they happen.  By streamlining this process, breaking news messages now reach news management and senior program makers much faster.

A News Alert is sent out using a customised form within the organisation’s Portal. A user simply populates the News Alert message template by selecting a couple of dropdown information fields and filling out some basic information, making it a very quick and efficient process. People are then alerted simultaneously via SMS and email through the pre-defined distribution lists. This ensures it goes straight to the decision makers in senior news and other radio managers who can then decide how to proceed with covering the story.

The Benefits

Greater situational awareness

The organisation keeps field staff and stakeholders informed of any issues during an emergency or crisis situation with rapid two-way communication. All notifications distributed through the secure Whispir environment also account for staff whereabouts, improving safety and well-being.

Improved communications processes

The organisation maintains their master contact lists in the Whispir Platform, with each location assigning designated administrators to send out messages. Administrators can easily filter and create reports to see when staff are receiving messages

Increased operating efficiencies

The News Alert service assisted the news division access to breaking news around the clock. The Whispir Platform has already made significant improvements to some of the organisation’s key divisions, with staff and management benefiting from streamlined processes.