Case Studies

A diverse range of sectors use Whispir for their business communications and conversations, both day-to-day and mission critical. Their specific goals and challenges are varied, but all have a common need: to communicate and converse with their communities in a way that improves both relationships and business outcomes.

Utilities - Power Distribution

A leading Australian power distribution company improves service delivery by automating its incident management and IT services communications.


The client required a platform that could improve emergency and operational communications and also support internal IT functions.

The Solution

Whispir delivered a resilient communications platform for both emergency and everyday situations, removing the reliance on internal email systems and manual call trees.

The fully hosted and managed platform ensures an uninterrupted supply of information and communication between stakeholders. With advanced multichannel communication options, the company is no longer reliant on any single communication channel or key person for information delivery.

Using tailored message templates and pre-defined distribution lists, targeted messages can be sent simultaneously via SMS and email and may be used to pass information to and from system operators through to energy bodies, government, and in some cases, emergency services.

In addition to this, Whispir underpins the company’s emergency communications, providing a platform for communicating directly with all relevant stakeholders. The company pipes directly into the Whispir network, which delivers an ultra-resilient connection to ensure messages can be rapidly delivered to quickly resolve any issues and minimise potential risk.

The company also regularly uses the Whispir Platform to action teleconferences. Staff can invoke an instant teleconference both via the web and mobile devices. The platform will contact key stakeholders, either via a mobile or landline number, and invite them to join the teleconference without requiring manual entry of meeting numbers or PINs.

Importantly, the platform can keep resending the teleconference invitation until answered or if unsuccessful it can escalate to another contact in the organisation. Stakeholders can be brought together quickly irrespective of location and it avoids any confusing dial-in procedures normally associated with teleconferences.

Prior to implementing the Whispir Platform, the company would rely on email or manual call trees, where someone would physically have to pick up the phone and call ten people, one after the other. Now those same ten people can be reached at once, whether that’s sending information out or bringing people together in the form of a teleconference.

The Benefits

Unmatched capacity for rapid response: The platform facilities the rapid communication required to ensure the continuity of service delivery.

Enhanced situational awareness: The platform can be used to quickly mobilise key stakeholders, with the it’s two-way communications completely auditable and trackable.

Increased resilience: The Whispir Platform delivers a resilient product that is managed in the cloud. High volume, targeted messages can be sent to employees and key stakeholders even if internal hardware systems fail.