Frequently asked questions

Can I trial Whispir to see if it's right for my business?

Yes. Whispir offers a range of trial options for clients including fully supported and facilitated trials for 14 days. Contact us to find out how you can get started.

Which countries does Whispir store data in?

Whispir operates data centres in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Whispir's Australia Data Centres are geographically separated in Cheltenham Victoria and Melbourne Victoria, in New Zealand they are in Auckland and Wellington. In Singapore they are geographically separated at two IBM sites.  IBM is the current supplier of all but one of Whispir's Data Centres, which is managed by M2 telecommunications in Australia. All data centres are ISO 27001 certified.

What is rich messaging?

It’s a new way to turn messaging communication into a conversation: To work better with your team, and deliver great experiences for your customers - all on their mobile device. Rich messaging combines all the good bits of SMS + Social + Mobile Web: Messaging using a model which has ubiquity in the market; It immediately delivers rich content and interactions; It has a open or closed social model for discussion / collaboration.

I have specific requirements, can you configure and customise Whispir?

Yes, Whispir enables you to configure many aspects of the platform yourself including features such as reporting, message templates, distribution lists, voice options, roles, permissions and many more. Whispir consultants can also work with you to tailor Whispir to meet your specific needs - our in house agile design and development teams provides end-to-end customisations - supported by experienced business analysts and project management.

Does the Whispir Platform provide a fully-hosted and managed service?

Whispir is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution and is provided as fully-hosted and managed service. As Whispir is accessed via the internet, so there is no software or hardware to install or maintain.

Who is using Whispir, and how?

A retailer uses it to build loyalty and promote offer to their customers. An airline mobilises key executives to collaborate and manage high impact events. A department of employment uses it to manage the flow of information to job seekers in their network. A major bank uses it to manage IT incidents, critical events, and business continuity. A rail corporation uses it to communicate targeted information about their train network across the community. Click on Why Whispir? to view more.

What communication channels does Whispir support?

Whispir supports web, email, SMS, recorded voice, text to speech, teleconferencing, social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn), RSS, app push notifications and rich messaging. Rich messaging supports a range of media such Video, Location data/Maps, Images, Polls and recorded voice. Data can also be published and syndicated in almost any format.

How secure is my information?

Whispir is an ISO27001 certifed organisation (certificate no: IS 601199) .  ISO27001 is an international information security management system standard, by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO).  Whispir is independently audited by the British Standards Insitute (BSI) and our data security policies and practices reflect industry best practice. Whispir provides physical and application level security controls allowing you to control who has access over your data assets.  

What does Whispir cost?

Whispir provides a range of packages and pricing tailored to the needs of organisations of any size - big or small. From Pay As You Go for API access, $95 per month for Light or $495 for Business edition, Whispir scales to hundreds of users and across large international organisations.

How can I buy Whispir?

Whispir is available internationally from our partners Telstra and IBM, please contact your Acccount Executive or contact us and we'll put you in touch with the right people.

Which devices and browsers are supported by Whispir Platform on the web?

Microsoft® Internet Explorer® versions 8 and 9 (IE 9 recommended). Some functionality restrictions and user experience in reduced on IE browsers. Mozilla® Firefox®,  most recent stable version Mozilla Firefox applies updates automatically;* Google Chrome™, most recent stable version. Google Chrome applies updates automatically;* Apple® Safari® versions 6.x and 7.x on Mac OS X.*  Whispir makes every effort to test and support the most recent version of Firefox, Safari & Chrome.

Which devices and browsers are supported by Whispir on iPhone, iPad and iOS devices?

Whispir iOS apps are supported on a range of browsers and app versions. Details are whispir.com/browser-and-app-support

Which devices and browsers are supported by Whispir for Whispir Mobile and Rich Messaging?

Whispir is supported on a range of browsers and app versions. Further details are at: whispir.com/browser-and-app-support

How do I keep up with the latest releases and Whispir's roadmap?

Whispir issues Release notes for each release via email to all Whispir users. We also provide regular briefings to clients through our relationship management team. We also encourage our client's to participate in our Client Community to have your input into our roadmap and gain visibility of new features and innovations.

What training options do you provide?

Whispir's modular training program provides self-paced learning, facilitator-led and webinar training options. Tailored and customised training options are also available to meet the specific needs of your organisation. Find out more about our training options.


What support options do you provide?

Whispir's support options are tailored for each edition and to meet the specific needs of your organisation. From simple online support, through to 24x7x365 on-call engineers - client's trust Whispir to support their business critical conversations. Find out more about our support options.  

Does Whispir offer Service Level Agreements with penalties for non-performance?

Whispir offers premium support options with an uptime availability target of 100%. This is underpinned by a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with an operational service level guarantee of 99.95% availability.  Financial service credits are provided for any breach of the SLA by Whispir.

Does Whispir play well with other systems, such as ERPs and CRMs?

Whispir has a full suite of integration capabilities. You can start from the most simple CSV file import, and migrate to a secure integration with your organisations identity management, ERP, CRM, ITSM and Incident Management platform.  Developers can harness the power of the Whispir API to build their own apps or integrate via Email, SMPP, XML, REST, SOAP/XML API's. Single Sign On can be supported with SAML 1.2 compliance.

What is Whispir's technical architecture? Is Whispir resilient?

The Whispir Platform has been designed as a resilient, reliable and high availability application.  - this is achieved through the following: Virtualisation, redundant hardware components, redundant data storage, elimination of single points of failure, multiple delivery paths for storage and communication, a focus on reducing complexity, automated failover where possible, hardened software and firmware stacks and geographically isolated instances for disaster recovery.

Who owns Whispir?

Whispir Ltd is a privately held company, headquartered in Melbourne, Australia with wholly owned subsidiaries in Australia and Singapore. It is majority owned by the founders supported by private investors. Telstra Ventures invested $4m in Whispir in December 2012.


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