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Are you safe?
Location notification & escalation

Employee safety is critical and confirming your employees are safe, can now be as simple as a single tap. 

With our ‘Are you safe?’ template, you can create a rich message that tracks their location and allows them to respond with one simple tap. Meet regulatory requirements and most importantly ensure employees are safe, out in the field or around the office.

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Are you safe workflow

Customer satisfaction.
Improving customer relationships via a Rich Message.

Satisfaction surveys are a fast and simple way to track and improve your customer relationships.

With our 'Customer Satisfaction' template, you can build a survey by simply dragging and dropping the elements you wish to measure. Upload your contacts and start receiving feedback instantly.

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Customer Satisfaction workflow
Customer Satisfaction Except

Promotional Offers and Marketing.
Grow and deepen your customer value.

Acquiring, retaining and growing customer value is the goal of any business. Engage with customers via their preferred device and increase response and action via a Rich Message experience.  Interact in a variety of ways by dragging and dropping images, video, maps and web links into the one template. Create action in your customers today.

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Offers and Specials workflow

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