The right people talking in real time during an emergency

  • Report incident

    1Report incident

  • Alert incident response team

    2Alert incident response team

  • Executive reporting and collaboration

    3Executive reporting and collaboration

Whispir conversation platform can:

  • Automate call trees and teleconferences, without the need to remember phone, account or PIN numbers.
  • Ensure person-to-person and device-to-device escalation across multiple channels, to ensure a response.
  • Manage the event in real time, including executive dashboard views, analytics and reporting.

Enabling Banking & Finance customers to:

  • Improve the speed and accuracy of decision making during an incident.
  • Respond even when internal systems are down, via mobile apps, tablet or web interface.
  • Manage end-to-end business continuity, including structured workflows and customisable templates and plans for each unique situation.
  • Use full audit trail for compliance, planning and future risk mitigation.
  • Integrate with existing data sources & IT systems.

Whispir can also help Banking & Finance customers with

Targeted offers to deepen engagement and loyalty

Whispir conversation platform can :

  • Send customer offers that are on brand, personalised and relevant, across any combination of communication channels.
  • Target customers based on attributes, such as market segment, location or social media interaction.
  • Drive selected traffic to specialised consultants and brokers.

Enabling Banking & Finance customers to:

  • Engage customers with a richer experience, to increase loyalty, upsell and cross-sell opportunities.
  • Reduce costs and complexity, by managing all communications from one simple interface.
  • Integrate with existing CRM and workflow management tools through our OpenAPI.
  • Obtain detailed and valuable analytics from every customer interaction.
Targeted offers to deepen engagement and loyalty

Automated, responsive and cost-effective notifications

Whispir conversation platform can :

  • Automate notifications to customers, such as on-boarding, servicing and collections.
  • Drive selected traffic away from call centres to online, mobile and self-service channels.

Enabling Banking & Finance customers to:

  • Reduce costs, by lessening reliance on manual and high-cost channels such as call centres.
  • Encourage customers to use opt-in portals to subscribe to services and provide valuable feedback.
  • Go beyond traditional channels, such as email and paper-based communications.
  • Improve responsiveness and quality of service.

Secure online banking and mobility

Whispir conversation platform can

  • Integrate with your online banking systems, to provide an automated multi-channel second factor authentication service.
  • Enable customer interaction with banking services online across multiple communications channels, through a single platform.

Enabling Banking & Finance customers to

  • Federate data sources, delivery security and mobile services from a single platform.
  • Scale to accommodate new channels and technologies without costly additional investments and systems.
  • Access granular analytics on message delivery and response.
  • Enjoy peace of mind that the technology and scalability are fully supported and always available.
secure online

Rapid response and recovery during IT outages

Whispir conversation platform

  • Quickly communicate IT outages to tellers, internal teams and customers in a targeted and accurate way.
  • Send via any combination of channels from a single interface, including internal and customer-facing web portals, dashboards and social media.

Enabling Banking & Finance customers to

  • Reduce downtime, protect their brand and mitigate financial consequences.
  • Expand the reach and capability of existing systems and processes, without significant investment.
  • Reduce the time, effort and cost of quickly informing stakeholders.
  • Deploy stand-alone solution or integrate with existing tools.

A leading international bank use Whispir to consolidate its Disaster Recovery and Incident Management systems, enabling it to achieve greater operating transparency

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