Quick and targeted progress updates

  • Worker updates the message content and sends to key contacts

    1Worker updates the message content and sends to key contacts

  • Contact receives a message & link via SMS

    2Contact receives a message & link via SMS

  • Contact opens a Rich Message

    3Contact opens a Rich Message

Whispir conversation platform can:

  • Quickly update contractors, customers and stakeholders on construction progress
  • Use recipient's preferred communication channel or any combination of channels.

Enabling Construction customers to:

  • Increase stakeholder satisfaction by targeting the right people with rich, personalised and current information
  • Reduce the administration and cost of manual communications. 

Whispir can also help Construction customers with

Improved OH&S communications & compliance

Whispir conversation platform can:

  • Enable organisations to communicate with staff about OH&S, including video-based training
  • Allow staff to easily confirm their safety or request help in an emergency
  • Track which staff members receive and access training content.

Enabling Construction customers to:

  • Meet regulatory requirements and easily track and audit staff compliance.
  • Increase cut through of information, via personalised and interactive messaging.
  • Reduce administration and costly follow-up.

Quick and easy shift fulfilment

Whispir conversation platform can:

  • Enable companies to search for available staff by specific attributes, such as job title, availability, skills and location
  • Send shift requests, manually or automatically, and allow staff to accept, decline and give an ETA
  • Enable staff to keep their contacts details up to date in self-service portals.

Enabling Construction customers to:

  • Benefit from a simple, cost-effective and time-saving way to manage shift fulfilment and staff details.
  • Increase visibility of the skill or availability gaps they may have across the organisation.

Rapid response and recovery during IT outages

Whispir conversation platform can:

  • Enable managers to quickly communicate IT outages to staff, stakeholders and clients in a targeted and accurate way
  • Send via any combination of channels from one interface, including internal and customer-facing web portals and social media.

Enabling Construction customers to:

  • Reduce downtime, protect their brand and mitigate financial consequences.
  • Expand the reach and capability of existing systems and processes, without large investment.
  • Reduce the time, effort and cost of quickly informing stakeholders.
  • Deploy a stand-alone solution or integrate with existing tools. 

The right people talking in real time during an emergency

Whispir conversation platform can:

  • Automate call trees and teleconferences, without the need to remember phone, account or PIN numbers
  • Ensure person-to-person and device-to-device escalation across multiple channels, to ensure a response
  • Manage the event in real time, including full analytics, executive dashboards and reporting.

Enabling Construction customers to:

  • Improve the speed and accuracy of decision making.
  • Communicate even when internal systems are down, via mobile apps, tablet or web interface.
  • Deploy an end-to-end business continuity solution, including structured workflows and customisable templates and plans for each unique situation.
  • Use full audit trail for compliance, planning and future risk mitigation.
  • Integrate with existing data sources.

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