ASX Announcement: Revenue and EBITDA out-performs in FY19

This year we listed on the Australian Securities Exchange and we are proud to say we outperformed on the IPO Pro-Forma FY19 forecast NPAT by $0.8 million.

Watch Tom Piotrowski of CommSec interview our CEO, Jeromy Wells about the company’s key FY19 achievements, global growth strategies and focus on strengthening industry partnerships.

Read Jeromy’s interview with Matt Ogg of Business News Australia here



• Revenues up 12% to $31.1 million, $0.6 million ahead of Prospectus Forecast 

• Pro-Forma Gross Margins of 63.2%, 144bps ahead of Prospectus Forecast 

• Pro-Forma EBITDA of $(11.0) million ahead of Prospectus Forecast by $0.9 million 

• Annualised Recurring Revenue (ARR) at $31.5 million, in line with Prospectus Forecast 

• Pro-Forma NPAT improvement of $0.8 million to $(13.3) million compared to prospectus forecast period loss of $(14.1) million 

• Strong balance sheet, with net cash balances of $26.8 million 

• The outlook for FY20 continues to be in line with our Prospectus 



• Revenue is forecast to grow to $37.8 million 

• Continued cash investment in product research and development to total $8.4 million 

• Pro-Forma EBITDA is expected to improve to $(9.4) million