Return to Work
With Confidence

Initiate and maintain accurate, contextual and timely
communications with your ‘Return to Work’ policy.

To make the navigation of ‘Return to Work’ not only manageable
but successful, Whispir is offering a range of ‘Return to Work’ communication
templates for all Whispir customers. These solutions will enable you to
effectively communicate with your people. Whether they be employees,
customers, suppliers or the wider community.

Whispir’s ‘Return to Work’ solutions empowers organisations to effectively manage
staff, supplier and customer advisory updates on policy, digital health screenings and
declaration tools for compliance, workplace capacity planning and shift management, alerts
and reminders functionality, in-hand video conferencing and contactless deliveries.

Phase 1:


Keep your team up-to-date and informed of
your ‘return to work’ plan and the guidelines

Leverage Whispir’s advisory templates to ensure the confidence of your
customers, staff and suppliers, by keeping them informed on your
‘Return to Work’ policy and company developments. Allowing you to stay ahead
of the competition by ensuring your organisation is a safe and secure space.

Provide regular updates to business-critical relationships and the opportunity
for them to respond and engage directly with you.

Whispir templates

  • Staff Advisory
  • Customer Advisory
  • Supplier Advisory

Phase 2:


Get your organisation reinvigorated and operational

Lead and embrace the new normal by re-establishing your organisation
with the tools you need to manage effectively. Equip staff to confirm and
update on their health status with digital health screening declarations.
Also, manage staffing capacity and shift fulfilment with templates for shift
availability and workplace capacity planning.

Whispir templates

  • Health Screening Declaration
  • Workplace Capacity Planning
  • Shift Availability

Phase 3:

New ways of working

Maintain the safety of your people once back
on-site with these new ways of working

Utilise Whispir’s suite of ‘Return to Work’ templates to aid with your
business continuity plan. Automate daily notifications and communications
reinforcing your workplace guidelines. Seamlessly connect visitors to your
organisation with health screening declaration prompts.

Reduce risk to your organisation with communication templates for confirmed
health hazards on-site, hand-held teleconferencing capability and contactless delivery.

Whispir templates

  • Alerts and Reminders
  • Onsite visitation Health Declarations
  • Confirmed Health Risk On-premise
  • In-Hand Instant Teleconference
  • Contactless Deliveries

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