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Meet Pushie

Pushie uses in-app push notifications to communicate with your customers and teams securely, quickly and cost-effectively. 

Pushie easily integrates with the Whispir Platform so you can manage your sent push notifications from the same platform as email, SMS, voice and more.

Pushie utilizes an easy-to-use push notification inbox that collates your messages according to their category, making it much easier to find that really important message you’re searching for.

Identify important messages faster by labeling and sorting key messages by project or task. Keep messaging costs low through the use of push notifications rather than SMS.

Personalize Pushie with your own name, icon, logo and more to brand the app to suit your individual business needs.


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Why use Pushie?

Take control of SMS cost and usage by introducing push notifications

Enable 2-way conversations using whispir workflows and rich message templates

Engage with a large, scalable audience safely and securely.

Speak to your audience globally and increase delivery rates in hard-to-reach regions.

Trigger extensive workflows with One-click

Trigger multi-channel, predetermined workflows with the push of a button with One-click.

One-click puts the power in your pocket to quickly and effectively execute your pre-defined Whispir Scenarios, no matter your location. Using your Android or iOS device, simply hold down the One-click button for three seconds to execute the workflow.

Keep your scenario secure by setting a quick-access 4-digit pin, cutting valuable seconds from your login process.


Download for iOS       Download for Android

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