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Alert Logic x Whispir Events

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Whispir Team


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Alert Logic are a cyber security company and Whispir customer since 2015, using the power of our platform to automate workflows that triage and escalate their incident communications.

Whispir is the central mechanism used by Alert Logic to notify their customers of any incidents that occur like a brute force attack on a network.  Their expanding use of Whispir also includes auto notifications when system log searches have been run, and the delivery of scheduled PDF reporting to customers.  

Currently their notifications to customers require that the recipient leaves the Whispir notification and logs into the Alert Logic platform to escalate or take further action on the workflow.

Connecting to Amazon EventBridge with our new integration to create smart call to action (CTA) buttons within their emails further enhances their use of Whispir. These new smart CTA buttons will enable users to action a notification with a simple click instead of logging into another system to respond or to trigger the next step in the workflow. 

The response recorded via the call to action button will be registered as a Whispir event and sent to the AWS EventBus. From there Alert Logic will consume the email responses and use rules to define how their system reacts to each event.

Being able to perform actions directly from emails will allow Alert Logic users to circumvent the lengthy login process that currently occurs outside of Whispir and bring more efficiency to their ticket response process.

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