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Charles Sturt University x Whispir

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18 Sept 2018
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"Charles Sturt University" sign with multiple flags and trees in background

The wisdom of respectfully knowing how to live well in a world worth living in is how CSU transforms communities, embraces diversity, and nurtures individual growth. As Australia’s largest regional university, CSU is an international leader in ethics, theology, and governance. In 2016, it was declared as Australia’s first official carbon-neutral university.

"You’ll have security services right at your fingertips!"

- Charles Sturt University

CSU offers 15 campus locations around Australia and has over 17,000 campus-based students. In the event of an emergency, the only way to contact security was by calling the security phone number. These phone numbers are campus-specific, and can be easily misdialed, or declined.

If you’re on campus, there is a 3-digit number to ring, however, you would have to find an internal phone to reach security. This is a long-winded process, which isn’t accessible for anyone off campus, and especially isn’t ideal for someone in potential danger.

Whispir implemented a MicroApp called “CSU Safe”, allowing the university population to access security instantly from multiple campuses. Accessible on both Android and iOS, the MicroApp allows staff and students to reach security with the touch of a button, rather than have to recall the campus-specific telephone number.

In order for someone to access the MicroApp, all they have to do is SMS their campus name to the CSU Safe phone number, and follow the prompts. The weblink is added to the user’s phone screen, allowing instant access in the event that they need the app immediately. This removes the risk of human error or being unable to reach the security line.

If a student or staff member frequents more than one campus, they can register the campus grounds they work or study on, with the ability to unsubscribe and resubscribe at any time. CSU Safe provides the option to request urgent assistance, call backs, security escorts and sends out notifications of high or critical importance.

The CSU Safe MicroApp provides a convenient, secure and rapid way to access security if a situation requires it.

"Whispir allows staff and students to quickly communicate with security."

- Kristen Rapana - Asset Management Systems Officer, Charles Sturt University

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