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Digitised call deflection

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6 Nov 2020
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As the global business landscape continues to digitise and innovate, customer service departments are increasingly in the need for easy to use and integrated yet sophisticated communications solutions.

For customer service teams, specifically, call centres, automated cloud communications are paramount in reducing the strain on team members by significantly reducing the number of calls coming through to an operator.

This is known as Call Deflection.

Call deflection is the strategy of reducing the number of calls that come into your contact centre, help desk, or other areas of your business, and preemptively answering the most frequent queries. Calls can be deflected by diverting calls to alternate means of answering customer questions, such as self-service or digital channels. 

Call deflection holds an additional value to both organisations and customers. Time-saving tactics such as sending customers an SMS message with a direct link to a dedicated rich media web page with frequently asked questions and interactive prompts which allow customer’s need to be met without having to speak to another human.

Pre-Empting Customer Queries

The most efficient and customer-centric way to deflect calls from your call centre is to give customers the information they need before they ever pick up the phone. 

There are several ways to direct customers to self-service options before they have a problem. 

For example, you could use automated emails, SMS messaging, and website notifications to promote your self-service channels to customers, addressing which scenarios do require them to call while offering an alternative landing page for non-urgent queries.

Using Rich media workflows, you can create dedicated landing pages complete with components such as response prompts for further action, expanded copy to convey information and provide additional steps for the customer to take to qualify the specific need they require from your organisation.

Whispir is the cloud-communications tool to help businesses and organisations of all sizes expand the customer service experience with automated customer service tactics and call centre deflection.

Click here to start your free trial, complete with three prebuilt templates on offer.

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