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Whispir Team


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4 Oct 2018
2 min read
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LMNO, formerly known as The Marketing Den, has been providing creative campaigns in Canada and around the world for over 40 years. Located in the picturesque Saskatchewan, LMNO are the largest marketing agency in the province. The agency handle advertising, digital marketing and branding for operations such as home lotteries, mining and telecommunications companies.

LMNO used SMS marketing to engage previous lottery supporters and remind them of upcoming competitions. The messaging platform they had was outdated, couldn’t support tracking, reporting or auditing. Additionally, Canada enforces strict privacy laws, which is one of the major issues that LMNO faced. While handling contact information for hundreds of thousands of lottery customers, their “opt-out” requests were going out of control. LMNO’s clients detailed reporting requirements for them to document the performance of their campaigns.

“I realised our former vendor was very outdated, and wasn’t able to offer the robust reporting and other features Whispir provides.”

Paige UnRuh, LMNO’s Senior Account Manager recognised the issues that needed to be tackled, “I realised our former vendor was very outdated, and wasn’t able to offer the robust reporting and other features Whispir provides.” In need of a powerful, robust and high-impact platform that could support the high levels of contacts and updates sent out, LMNO turned to Whispir, in conjunction with Twilio.

Whispir implemented an advanced and high-impact platform, integrated with automated API, that’s flexible enough to support any future marketing operations via a MicroApp.

Some of the key features that Whispir implemented included:

  • A database of over 300,000 contacts

  • Dynamic distribution lists that eliminate the need for manual list creation and maintenance

  • Workspace organisation that enables simple, yet effective separation of individual lottery game campaigns, including their contacts and SMS message activity for easy reporting and auditing

  • Smart forms enabled through on-demand MicroApps that can support inbound lead generations

  • Automated API integration solution that simultaneously reports opt-out requests whilst updating contact records to ensure the requests are honoured for future campaigns

Whispir streamlined and automated LMNO’s SMS campaigns, whilst improving their reporting capabilities and quality of their contact data. The API integration means that customer data and preferences are automatically kept up to date, satisfying both privacy regulations and customer reporting needs.

“Whispir has opened the door for new forms of inbound marketing - like contesting - giving us creative ways to build brand awareness and subscriber basis.”

Paige UnRuh - Senior Account Manager, LMNO

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