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QAF use case: Reconnecting community

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1 Feb 2021
2 min read
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As the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic played out, and all Australians were in various stages of lockdown, Jane Hayman of Melbourne art gallery STATION and Luisa Bosci, director of Buxton International Collection orchestrated Victoria’s inaugural Quarantine Art Fair.

Hosted on Victoria’s Port Phillip Bay on the historic Commanding Officer’s House and Grounds at Point Nepean National Park, with scenic vistas of Port Phillip Bay, the event sought to bring Victorians a cultural experience that showcased established and emerging artists.

Reconnecting with the arts

Due to the reliance on the physical attendance of visiting guests, the Quarantine Art Fair required a dynamic digital communications platform to address the logistical challenges the organisers faced.

Between logging visitor information to meet auditing and compliance requirements and providing a frictionless experience to patrons, the event needed a customisable messaging templates to solve the needs for booking confirmations, event notifications, and updates as well as a check-in system and contactless ordering for the event’s champagne bar.

The technology-powered community

In response, Whispir and Quarantine Arts Fair entered into a partnership to establish a cloud-communications solution that enabled the event to manage communications using SMS and rich media messages sent directly in-hand, to guests' phones.

Whispir’s customisable communications capability meant the art fair was able to use the platform to address multiple challenge points, each with a separate requirement.

Using the Whispir platform, Quarantine Art Fair was able to create a scalable booking communications system that enabled embedded rich media, such as live map widgets, and notified guests in real-time.

Additionally, leveraging Whispir’s QR code workflow solution allowed the event to manage catering and hospitality needs while also managing contact tracing and contactless service requirements.

The additional security digital management of QR codes alleviates consumer concerns over breaches of their sensitive information.

As a result, the event was able to function smoothly in light of the added challenges that the global pandemic and heightened compliance requirements currently pose on events and organisations.

We are thrilled to advise that we doubled our expected visitation with over 2000 tickets sold. And a significant number of artwork sales across all seven galleries in four days, saw us achieve our goal of supporting both Melbourne’s galleries and their artists.

We could not have delivered such a successful event without Whispir’s tech support and wonderful messaging service to all of our visitors.

- Luisa Bosci, Director, Quarantine Art Fair

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