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Rethinking communications automation in HR & recruitment

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Recruitment and onboarding processes are undergoing radical changes in today’s organisational landscape with the rise of SaaS technologies bringing much-needed automation innovation to these processes.

The key to recruitment communication automation is to automate tasks and workflows so they can increase recruiter productivity, accelerate time-to-fill vacancies, reduce cost-per-hire and improve the overall talent profile within the organisation.

There are three primary areas within the recruitment process where communications SaaS technologies can assist with streamlining the process.

Candidate pre-screening

From the outset of a recruitment drive, human resource teams receive a multitude of applications and resumes.

To filter through manually is an expensive and laborious process. Candidates need to be sorted between shortlisted and unsuccessful, resume formats need to be established, upload channels supplied and communication workflows need to be accurate and effective to ensure the right person is receiving the right message.

Whispir solutions to aid in candidate pre-screening:

  • Message Scheduling - Scheduling messages in workflows with conditional logic means successful candidates and unsuccessful candidates can be automatically notified and directed to the necessary next step without the need for manual sends of batch messages.

  • Rich Messaging - Leverage SMS technology to link your messages through to a content-rich web page to engage your audience with dedicated microsites and components that are not available in standard SMS format.

  • Whispir Video Component - Embed videos into your Rich Messages to play inside your message. Video is a great way to convey information and engage your candidates.

  • Response collection components - Embed input components such as text input, rating sliders, date pickers, checkboxes and more into your Rich Messages to engage your audience and collect feedback.

Interview scheduling

Manually scheduling interviews may sound simple enough, but with multiple stakeholders involved between the candidates, HR representatives and internal stakeholders, all coordinated into a concise time slot, the process is consuming.

Additionally, hiring managers can maintain contact with recruiters within the dedicated channel for feedback and and further discussion.

Scheduling candidates for interviews is actually often cited as one of the most tedious parts of the recruiting process. Interview scheduling automation saves time and streamlines the interview process, which creates a better experience for candidates and recruiters alike.

  • File upload component - Embed a file upload component into your web messages to allow your candidates to attach files with their responses (i.e. resumes, responses to key selection criteria), allowing you to manage files within the same communications platform.

  • Whispir Video Chat - Embed a real-time chat component into your messages and connect with your audience face to face.

Candidate nurturing

It’s important to maintain a relationship with candidates throughout the entire hiring process—not just when they’re actively being interviewed and considered. Candidate nurturing tools, also referred to as candidate relationship management (CRM) systems, allow HR professionals to engage candidates through email automation.

  • Signature collection component - Embed a signature input component into your web messages to capture candidate signatures. The signature input will allow recipients to digitally sign your forms and remotely acknowledge forms with signature capture.

  • Event-based workflows email/ SMS - Automated email flows nurture candidates throughout the process, ensuring they stay engaged and don’t lose interest in the position. You can also send automated reminders to keep candidates up-to-date on next steps like upcoming scheduled interviews and assessments due.

Recruitment automation can drastically enhance the high-volume recruitment process and help to make recruitment efficient and effective. 

Automating communications reduces the scope of manual tasks and lets organisations refocus attention on getting to know candidates.

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