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uniqueTAXx scales customers communications with Whispir

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11 Nov 2021
2 min read
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uniqueTAXx is a certified accounting firm based in Florida. Since 2008, they’ve helped customers through various services - including tax preparation, representation before the IRS, balancing books for businesses, and more.

As with so many industries, the success of accounting depends largely on the strength of good client relationships. Clients trust their accountants with critical and sometimes sensitive financial support, so open communication is a must.

As a medium-sized business, uniqueTAXx faced the challenge of supporting high-touch communication while maintaining lean operations.

uniqueTAXx’s need for simplified communications

uniqueTAXx had previously been relying on using manual SMS messages, emails, and phone calls for managing customer communications, as well as outdated paper-based processes.This was not only time inefficient, but made it difficult to nurture client relationships in a valuable way.

The Whispir solution

Using Whispir, uniqueTAXx now is able to:

  • Manage all communications from one central platform, including sending mass messages (without losing that human touch thanks to advanced personalization capabilities)

  • Collect tax and financial documents through rich messaging

  • Send automated reminders for appointments and tax deadlines

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“Now that we have Whispir integrated into our operations, our client communications impact with a high sense of quality. It’s added authority to our brand and meant our clients have a stronger bond with our firm.

On top of that, the time and resources we save have superseded the cost of the Whispir platform immensely.”

Sam Eddy, Certified Public Accountant & Business Owner, uniqueTAXx

To learn more about how Whispir can help you connect with customers in truly engaging and valuable ways, get in touch with us or download our full case study.

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