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The best Zipwhip replacement for your SMS messaging needs

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Jan 11, 2022
3 min read

As Zipwhip goes away, Whispir is here to stay

After Zipwhip, the business text messaging platform was purchased by Twilio in July of 2021, the digital communications world was abuzz with speculation… and a lot of scrambling. With such an easy-to-use business SMS service at stake, Twilio could pull ahead in the marketplace with a top product tailor-made for small and medium businesses. However, that didn’t exactly happen.

Twilio announced they would not only be sunsetting the Zipwhip brand, but also its SMS platform – which is why the news was such a shock to the estimated 30,000 customers that rely on the platform. With Zipwhip no longer taking on new clients, those customers – and maybe your own team – will be left in a bind in the coming years. 

Before you read on, you can also see how Whispir is more than just a replacement for your Zipwhip messaging needs right here.

Can’t Zipwhip customers just jump to Twilio as a Zipwhip alternative for business text messaging?

It’s not that simple. The Zipwhip software was created with small to medium businesses in mind – which made their SMS platform easy to use by anyone running a company’s communications, with zero need for coding or developer expertise on-staff.

With Twilio, it’s a different story. Twilio is a “developer-friendly” communications platform – not a no-code platform. SMBs will therefore need technical expertise to get Twilio up and running, then a dedicated resource to manage ongoing communication needs.

That means, on top of Twilio’s upfront costs, Zipwhip customers making the jump to Twilio would need to factor in expenses for a technical expert and potentially up their staff headcount, or even hire an agency to help. Which, as you know, can become costly in a very short amount of time. Not only will potentially short-staffed small businesses need to factor in another salary (or more), they’ll also need to onboard, scale up resources to accommodate the new position, schedule additional meetings, allocate funds for the additional expertise, and more. All in all, easier said than done. 

Now’s the perfect time to upgrade your SMS messaging service – without the steep price tag

With Zipwhip flipping off the switch on their business SMS service, small to medium businesses will need reliable, turnkey software to turn to without a lot of lead-up time. Even more, they’ll need a partner who will support them with an SMS marketing platform that makes bulk SMS easy.

For smaller businesses, the real question becomes, “How can I make my communications even more effective?” 

The answer? Don’t stop at just SMS. Instead, say hello to Whispir — a multichannel communication platform made with SMBs in mind. 

With Whispir, your business will have newfound access to a wide range of message personalization that's designed to make customer outreach and engagement as easy as possible. From drag-and-drop templates to customizable SMS and email messaging to dynamic landing pages, intelligently automated workflows, and smart message reporting, Whispir is all about ensuring you get the most out of your business communication efforts — all from one easy-to-use platform. And that’s just the start.

Whispir is dedicated to keeping messages moving smoothly between all audience types, whether it’s retail customers, policyholders, internal team members, remote workers, or an entire community. Plus, we know that a loss in communication can equate to lost revenue, lost customers, and a loss of trust. In an increasingly digital world where errors aren’t easily forgotten, we don’t want you fighting this uphill battle alone.

Zipwhip will be gone before you know it. Try Whispir for free with a 14-day trial

Not convinced if you should use Whispir for your communications by SMS? Check out our page on Whispir versus Zipwhip right here.

Or, contact us to get started right away. For questions about our SMS texting capabilities or our many communication channels, don’t hesitate to chat with our sales team:

·  United States +1 720 310 3167

·  Australia +61 3 8630 9900

·  Southeast Asia +65 6816 0366

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