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Engaging cloud-communications powering insurance

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Whispir x Vonage: A Bilateral Solution

In order to deliver a sophisticated communications solution to the insurance industry, Whispir and partner Vonage have collaborated to innovate and deliver an integrated solution for insurance professionals.

Vonage, a global provider of unified communications, contact centres and programmable communications application programming interface (APIs) built flexible cloud platform, augments the Whispir platform to create agile new ways for insurers to overcome challenges such as lead times with traditional app development, speed-to-market and secure information management. Be it for the web, mobile or desktop, the Whispir x Vonage solution integrates with existing systems and can be integrated quickly and seamlessly. The ease of implementation provides insurers with a competitive advantage in advancing digital transformation efforts for greater business agility.

Powering Customer Engagement

The prevalence of hand-held mobile technology is driving innovation in how insurers engage with their customers and clientele.

The challenges digital communications present all B2C organisations surround getting the message through to targeted customers. 

Whispir’s cloud-communications platform helps insurers, regardless of organisation size; cost-effectively manage communication flows between applications and people.

For insurers, Whispir offers an opportunity to create personalised, relevant, and multichannel communications. The robust nature of Whispir utilises and bridges technologies such as SMS, chat apps, push notifications, email, personalised web app, personalised video and video chat to allow a multitude of ways for insurers to connect with their customers.

The Whispir platform connects devices, systems, and people to create conversations, engage audiences, and streamline key communications processes, enabling insurers to: 

  • Connect: Instantly send compelling and relevant interactions to your audience by SMS, chat apps, push notifications, email, personalised web app, personalised video and video chat.

  • Create: Use simple drag and drop tools to create studio-quality content in minutes without the need for designers or developers; create engaging personalised content for acquisition marketing, retention/renewal, cross-sell, surveys, agency communications and more.

  • Automate: Simplify complex interactions into scenario-based triggers that make end-to-end solution workflows. Accelerate customer journeys, provide proactive more seamless experiences, and manage business communications.

  • Report: Understand the target audience and make data-driven decisions that lift call-to-action rates and levels of engagement with intuitive reporting features.

The Whispir platform in action:

Using Whipir’s various platform components, insurers can leverage Whispir throughout the entire customer service journey and beyond. 

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To learn more, book a free demonstration here.

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