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FEPOC outperforms industry standard email open rates by up to 63% using Whispir

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Since 1960, the Federal Employee Program Operating Center (FEPOC) has been providing health insurance and services to federal employees. Working in association with the BlueCross BlueShield, FEPOC currently helps cover more than 5.5 million employees across the US.  

One of their key functions as a business is to communicate with their members about special programs, important upcoming dates, available benefits and incentives, and tips on staying fit and healthy. With a varied and widespread group of members to communicate with, sending out messages in an effective and engaging way was challenging.

FEPOC needed a communications platform that:

  • Sent messages in a timely, engaging, and connected way.

  • Automated communications to create efficiencies that save time and money.

  • Spoke to a broad range of target audiences, across more than 5.5 million individuals with different preferences and needs.

How FEPOC is using Whispir to boost member engagement

Through Whispir, FEPOC has radically improved their communications. They’ve been able to:

  • Improve engagement levels, outperforming the industry standard open rate for emails by up to 63%.

  • Automate a comprehensive process that includes sending an average of 3-5 million emails per month.

  • Use data to better understand their target audiences, and segment them accordingly.

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“Last year, we sent over 30 million targeted emails to our members along with SMS messages. This enabled us to allow our members to use their preferred methods of communication to inform them when they may have important messages or documents to be viewed.   

[It also] helps to drive members to the MyBlue Website and Mobile Application resulting in further communication and self-help services to keep call center volumes low.”

- Alina Koos, Delivery Product Manager, FEPOC

If you’re interested in discovering how the Whispir platform can work for you and your business, get in touch with us or book a free demo today.

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