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Itel International: A case study

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Founded in 1996, Itel International is a Pan-Asian provider of mid to senior-level executive search and assessment and has served numerous clients for nearly 20 years. They advise on recruiting and retaining outstanding professionals and help mitigate the risks associated with essential appointments.

A key focus of Itel has always been to assist companies that are expanding or new entrants to the Asian markets. To achieve this they have an excellent team of researchers and an extensive database of talented personnel to draw upon.

Itel’s prime areas of expertise reside within the Telecommunication, Networking, Cloud Computing, Hosting and Software related Industry verticals and they work extensively with companies both within Asia and beyond.

Itel International operated its recruitment process under a traditional recruitment method. Itel’s candidate acquisition relied primarily on professional network platforms such as LinkedIn and optimising communication outreach channels like InMail and email for engagement and candidate nurturing.

For each role Itel sought to fill, anywhere from 30-50 candidates would be identified and processed for application.

Of those, approximately 10 would be invited for an initial interview and two to three candidates would be nominated to proceed to meet with Itel’s client employer.

This process resulted in the high consumption of time resources and manual progression, with a reliance on external platforms.

To manage a high time-resource requirement while increasing the organisation’s growth, a streamlined and single-source communications platform was needed to digitise and automate the life cycle of sourcing and qualifying candidates for Itel’s clients.

Itel sought an multi-channel communications solution that would:

  • Provide a seamless automated workflow for their human resources recruitment process and candidate journey

  • Be easily integrated into Itel’s Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) platform

  • Shortlist and schedule interview appointments with prospect candidates with a robust, two-way communications channel

  • Capture hiring manager feedback and hiring decisions

  • Operate using easy-to-deploy communications templates and workflows with customisation on offer

  • Build a database of WhatsApp opt-in’s for future candidates to retain talent for future prospects

“Itel had driven innovation through the entire recruitment cycle and we needed to automate the way we get in touch with candidates. With Whispir’s seamless integration we have revolutionized our way of communicating with candidates, taking them on a digitized recruitment journey.”

– Mark Kearney, CEO & Founder, Itel International

 Using Whispir’s SMS to Web capability, Itel can create rich content landing pages which allow for: 

  • Customisable personal messaging to each individual

  • Link to a web page or microsite for further job description and a company overview

  • Embedded video content to convey information in an audible and digestible format

  • Response components such as confirmation of interest and direct contact request

 Candidate Introduction and Criteria Fulfilment:

Leveraging the universal SMS format allows Itel to ensure a successful first point of contact.

A link through to a role’s key response criteria uses response components to ensure the vetting process is streamlined. 

Candidate Review:

Use the Whispir suite to receive, review and contact and progress successful candidates through the recruitment process.

Using event-based workflows, Itel can inform both successful and unsuccessful candidates with appropriate key messages.

Whispir’s integration into Itel's RaaS platform and candidate journey offers its clients a comprehensive and precise recruitment experience.

Using digital communications to power their RaaS platform, Itel’s executive database spans across the Asia Pacific region. Their automated capability affords their clients the advantage of increased speed to the job market in conjunction with accuracy in talent quality assurance.

With the advent of COVID-19, and the consequential global pivot to remote/ distant communications, innovative talent sourcing and digital candidate/employer engagement, will become the new norm. Positioning ITel at the forefront of innovative recruitment for executive tier professionals.

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