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M1: A case study

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Aug 5, 2020
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M1, a subsidiary of Keppel Corporation, is one of Singapore’s most vibrant and dynamic communications companies, providing mobile and fixed services to over two million customers.

Since the launch of commercial services in 1997, M1 has achieved many firsts, including the first operator to offer nationwide 4G service, as well as ultra-high-speed fixed broadband, fixed voice, and other services on the Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network (NGNBN). With a continual focus on network quality, customer service, value, and innovation, M1 links anyone and anything; anytime, anywhere.

For more information, visit their website:

M1 sought to improve and innovate its retail communications channels, and workflow approval processes, as well as increase its customer communications capabilities.

Prior to their initiative, M1’s processes relied on manual processes and consumed valuable time and resources. Communication templates required considerable drafting and review in order to be approved and hindered M1’s communications agility.

"Our legacy platform to send notifications to customers and the content was not configurable by user. Each change needed to raise a unique change request which resulted in elongated lead time.

The implementation of Whispir means significant increases in time efficiency for our organisation."

– Lee Kuen Haw, Senior Manager, M1

M1 saw an opportunity to not only increase their efficiency within their communication processes but also to create an opportunity to innovate and increase the effectiveness of their wider communications strategies and tactics.

Their key focus business functions to innovate were:

  • Internal communications and workflows for retail outlet teams

  • Business continuity communications

  • Automated incidence communications

  • Automated workflow approvals

  • Timely alerts to inform M1 subscribers on services, downtime, maintenance and outages

  • Timely alerts to inform M1 subscribers on the resumption of services

In response to M1’s organisation needs, Whispir sought to leverage multiple platform use capabilities.

With Whispir’s dynamic platform, M1's new capability empowers:

  • Managers to view and approve the comms templates electronically greatly decreases turnaround time

  • Ability and agility for managers to approve comms template remotely or through a mobile device

  • Comms automatically sent to subscribers after managers’ approval

  • Reporting and tracking of approvals available on Whispir’s platform

The Whispir solution means M1 can greatly increase their organisation’s efficiencies by saving time, resources & money.

Approvals and turnaround time for communication templates are reduced for managers and subsequently send to specific and intended stakeholders. This also offers M1 a significant resource cost reduction on time.

Download the full case study here.

The Whispir platform excels at delivering streamlined communication processes for organisations. By running on Amazon Web Services, our clients go from data to action. Whispir is enhanced to deliver even more intelligent workflows without the need to write any additional code or invest in additional technical labor.

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