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mtheory x Whispir

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Aug 29, 2018
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mtheory is an artist development, marketing, strategy and operations infrastructure company, designed for music artist managers. The company was formed eight years ago to provide managers with the additional manpower and specialised knowledge required to be relevant and successful. In a rapidly evolving industry landscape, managers are instrumental in supporting artists, careers and sustaining them both artistically and financially. mtheory was formed to directly address this challenging new role that music managers now must play by arming them with a robust suite of services from their offices in Los Angeles, New York City and Nashville.  

mtheory currently works with approximately 24 artist managers, representing over 100 artists across a diverse range of genres including Major Lazer, Twenty Øne Piløts, Zedd, Skrillex, Flume, Goldlink, A$AP Rocky, Zac Brown Band, Miranda Lambert, Kacey Musgraves, The xx, Father John Misty and many others.

Zack Gershen - Executive Vice President, mtheory

mtheory’s unifying worldview is that good artist marketing is global storytelling. Music is the primary content to tell this story, and our job is to use every platform available to connect fans with the music, grow impressions, and ultimately build lasting connections between the fan and the artist. 

There is the obvious top layer which is using Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora et al and there are tools like email and social channels but our artists are looking for a more meaningful way to engage. There is also a sentiment shared by many younger artists that email is dead, that fans aren’t opening and clicking through because they want a more immediate relationship with the artist. We needed to communicate in a more cutting edge way and that lead us to Whispir. It’s been very successful so far, we’ve onboarded 14 artists into the platform and it’s used for things as simple as notifying fans about pre-sale tickets to shows or when a new song is released. 

mtheory’ s objective is to move fans through the conversion tunnel to become core fans which includes hardcore fans we are always struggling for tools to use to reach those fans. 

We also use it in more creative and complex ways, which are almost always ‘In Venue’ activations that encourage fans to participate in a dialogue during the show. Two examples come to mind:

"The first campaign we did was with The xx to communicate with fans in a interesting and non-obvious way. In the lobby and restrooms fans would see the message “I See You” and ask fans to text back, using mysterious messaging to engage we had fans submit their details and then a select group received a text during the show to come and receive a gift from the band. Everyone else was sent a behind the scenes diary of the show, a personalised message and photos. The fans loved that intimate interaction and press picked up on it too, it was a big success for everyone involved."

- Zack Gershen - Executive Vice President, mtheory

We like pairing these mobile activations with email so that we have covered both and can compare and contrast which channel our different fan buckets like to use to communicate. We’ve run SMS campaigns that have had conversion rates 30 times higher than with email, when an artist and manager sees those figures they get excited. Success metrics for our clients is measured by the growing number of fans to an artist’s database, it’s all about engagement rates. Miranda Lambert, 30 Seconds to Mars and Dillon Francis the rates are through the roof and it’s up to us to keep it growing but still keep it personal and meaningful. 

mtheory SMS Traffic registration and progression

  • Within a 6 month period; mtheory were able to quadruple their fan registration contacts via Whispir's SMS solution from 34,500 fans to 136,000 fans and is still growing

Case in point: Using Whispir to deliver announcements of new song releases, mtheory is experiencing conversion rates of 18 to 30 times more than parallel email campaigns.

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