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Transforming a material manufacturer's recruiting and retention strategy

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Nov 17, 2021
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With a sharp increase in demand for their products, one manufacturer (Client) knew they needed to scale their hiring process to match, and fast. So, Whispir identified the challenges and provided multiple solutions – all handled by one centralized platform.


Make a positive first impression

For legacy industries, today’s modern job market presented a challenge. They needed a well-oiled recruitment process that is at once transparent, efficient, and engaging.

Streamline the recruiting and hiring process

The Client was saddled with manual communication processes that slowed the recruiting and hiring stages. This ultimately bogged down the Client’s need for rapid onboarding.

Integrate with their ATS

The Client needed a solution that could integrate with IBM Kenexa BrassRing, their current Applicant Tracking System.

Decrease applicant drop off rates

The Client needed more engaging communications tools – namely, SMS - to keep candidates involved and informed.


Meeting modern candidates with modern tech

Digital communications allow applicants to respond and ask questions from the comfort of their preferred platform. With Whispir, the Client was able to create a more engaging candidate experience from recruitment to retainment, offering a more personalized candidate journey while reaching audiences that no longer answer to “traditional” employment tactics.

A streamlined interview process

In just their first two weeks using Whispir, the Client sent approximately 500 messages. This helped candidates progress in a timelier manner while hiring managers were able to better ascertain which applicants were successful or unsuccessful via one dedicated channel.

Simple ATS integration

While BrassRing was only able to provide email, the Client wanted to send SMS to candidates and current employees alike. The Whispir platform now works alongside the BrassRing ATS, allowing email to SMS, and vice versa, capabilities.

Reduced drop-off rates

The Client is better able to mitigate the ‘90-day resignation phenomenon.’ Since traditionally on-site teams need to adapt to remote environments, Whispir offers a better, more personalized, means of communication that increases organizational trust.

To learn how Whispir can help you transform your recruiting and retainment efforts, get in touch with us or read more in our full case study.

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