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Why businesses succeed with SMS marketing

Text messaging is one of the most effective communication channels for connecting with an audience. An estimated 5 billion people send and receive SMS messages, making it essential that businesses are well-situated to thrive in the ever-shifting landscape of mobile SMS marketing.

See why Whispir is the best SMS marketing platform for your team

Though SMS is one of the most powerful messaging tools available to businesses, it’s also among the most heavily regulated. Which can make navigating the landscape difficult. Let’s discuss a few pitfalls and how you can overcome them with Whispir’s SMS marketing platform.

  • Throttling

    Most telecom providers impose strict limits on the volume and frequency of your SMS messages. If your bulk SMS marketing efforts cross a certain line, you may see your mobile communications suspended or even terminated.

    Whispir provides simple text message throttling controls to ensure that text messages are sent at a predefined rate.

    With Whispir, you’ll be able to leverage branded SMS messages and continue to push them out to your wide customer base without fear of backlash from the major mobile carriers.

  • Automated opt-out

    The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) of 1991 was the first significant legislative action in the US to establish regulations for SMS communications. In fact, clear opt-out processes for consumers are a key requirement of SMS marketing campaigns in many jurisdictions.

    Whispir supports a number of automated opt-out processes. Customers can text a reply (YES, NO, 1 for YES, 2 for NO, etc.) or click a web link to opt-out of any mobile SMS marketing. Plus, all opt-outs are processed automatically on the back end, with no human intervention required.

  • Duplication screening

    Sending individual communications from multiple SMS marketing campaigns is considered spam, and such activity can have serious repercussions should your outreach be reported as such. This ranges from service suspension to fines, to potential legal action.

    Whispir employs intelligent automated processes to ensure that users are never sent duplicate text messages or messages from multiple SMS text marketing campaigns.

  • More Whispir = more peace of mind

    Today, businesses have more options than ever for their text message marketing, but these new methods bring yet more stringent regulations, including:

    • Campaign pre-authorization

    • Content restrictions

    • Age restrictions

    • Opt-in/opt-out consent

    Whispir enables businesses to craft the best SMS marketing available with sophisticated, automated software and an array of intelligent behind-the-scenes processes to ensure all campaigns are regulatory compliant and in-step with both government and telecom provider requirements. 

Already know SMS is right for your business?

Why is SMS text messaging so effective?

SMS communications are direct, immediate, and accessible. From the comfort of their own space, recipients are more likely to read a text than open their email client, get on a phone call, or head into a brick-and-mortar location. We’re talking about an extremely high open rate of 98%. And it’s predicted that by 2025, 72.6% of internet users will access the web via mobile-only.

Illustration indicating trustworthiness
Illustration indicating trustworthiness
Illustration indicating trustworthiness

Get better leads and retention with SMS

There’s also the matter of loyalty for long-term sales and engagement. Research has found that the retention rate of subscribers after 90 days in a text message program is 96%, while 39% of email subscribers cancel their subscription. Even more encouraging for those looking to leverage a text marketing platform like Whispir, is that after one year, 93% of subscribers remained in the program, and after two years, 90% were still agreeing to receive messages.

Pair SMS messaging with your traditional email outreach

While many offices solely rely on email communications to source and nurture leads, your communications should take an omnichannel approach that includes SMS. As it stands, text messages have a significantly higher open rate than email messages — 98% for texts versus 20% for emails. This means businesses must start putting more (or at least equal) effort into their text message campaigns rather than focusing all the attention on one channel. With Whispir’s text marketing platform, you can seamlessly deliver omnichannel communications – SMS, email, voice, video, social, and more.

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Layer 2 of illustration showing cross channel communication
Layer 3 of illustration showing cross channel communication

When you’re ready, so is Whispir

Navigating the SMS landscape can be daunting. That’s why Whispir is here to lead you toward effective and compliant SMS marketing campaigns that are worth the investment. In fact, SMS text marketing can yield a substantial return, with a subscriber valued at $12.15 in incremental revenue when averaged over six months. So, let us know how we can help you get higher engagement with your customers — without running into issues or breaking the bank.

Want to try our SMS marketing platform for yourself?

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