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Move Your Business Beyond SMS Text Messaging

Here’s your upgrade, Zipwhip customers.

SMS messaging is essential to businesses big and small – so what will your company do when Zipwhip closes? Whispir's platform goes beyond SMS, allowing SMBs like you to seamlessly communicate across any channel and scale your business.

Zipwhip was just one piece of the communications ecosystem

In a society that’s as fast-paced and digitally connected as the one we live in today, businesses need every means of communication at their disposal. So, while Zipwhip was a great platform for SMS text messages, we know the world doesn’t revolve on one channel – and one channel alone. With Whispir, you get an omnichannel communication platform that helps your organization deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

Our communication tools are easy to use, require zero coding experience, and are affordable to help small to mid-size businesses reach audiences as efficiently as the largest corporation.

Implement in one day and boost conversions

We have a long list of customizable capabilities, features, and channels to help you boost engagement rates and conversions – and the best part – we can onboard and integrate your business in a single day. That means no downtime when every lead matters.

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One platform, two-way messaging, multiple channels, and more

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Easy customization to reach audiences with personalized text messages

  • Message builder

    Drag-and-drop message builder makes content creation simple and allows for efficient mass texting

  • Automated workflows

    Workflow automation takes work off your plate and automatically respond to predetermined event triggers

  • Smart reporting

    Smart reporting is paired with message data analytics to ensure your outreach is being put to good use

  • Tone of voice

    Tone of Voice technology helps create SMS messages that are on-brand and emotionally on-target

A proven digital communications platform built with businesses in mind

  • Leverage your contact lists with Whispir

    • Seamless integrations that work with major CRMs to ensure as much engagement opportunity as possible

    • Our contact management software doesn't have the same heavy limitations as Zipwhip, nor does it come with a significant price point

    • Our contact manager allows for the uploading of 10k contacts (which is a stark jump from Zipwhip's 100)

  • Creative and affordable SMS messaging

    • Whispir's carrier-grade texting platform ensures that messages are sent and received without issue

    • Cost-effective bulk SMS messaging that can be sent from existing business phone numbers

    • Rich media capabilities that allow you to send video and upload imagery without hassle

Whispir is a multi-solution provider

When it comes to your day-to-day operations, the last thing you need is downtime. Whether your industry is focused on hospitality, remote fieldwork, answering emergencies, fulfilling constituent needs, or any number of unique responsibilities, Whispir is prepared to help. Our ability to provide workspaces and mobile landing pages means you can build your communication strategy as you see fit.

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Looking beyond the one-channel approach

While email has dominated the business world since its inception in 1965, an ever-mobile userbase has slowly shifted focus to personalized, in-your-hands messaging. This includes the rise of social media, text-to-speech, video content, and the clear future of communication – SMS text messaging. And at the forefront of this shift, is Whispir.

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Engaging humans, not data points

At Whispir, we believe communication draws us together and pushes us forward. But, as channels grew and access became less of an issue, we became overloaded. So, while the world may be more connected than ever, we’ve become less close. It’s our mission to build a world that communicates more humanly – with the world’s highest engagement rates and by utilizing machine intelligence to develop algorithms for effective human engagement at scale.

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With Zipwhip leaving the market, we believe this is a great opportunity for former customers to quickly and easily transition to Whispir’s more robust communications platform. We offer a one-day transition timeline, competitive SMS pricing, and some of the highest engagement rates on the market today. We also fold these benefits into our mission to help conversations remain human to human even when they’re not face to face.”
- David Gilbert, VP Americas, Whispir
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Ready to deliver efficient communications?

Don't stop at texting — your omnichannel communication journey starts here.

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