HR and Recruitment

Drive & lead your organisation’s culture with communication - from talent nurture to maintaining employee engagement

HR and Recruitment

Set your standard and get the most out of your people by creating a communication culture that helps them stay engaged and thrive.

Maintain personal connection with your teams through your preferred communications channel.

Leverage Whispir’s multi-channel capability with SMS, two-way voice messaging, email, social media and mobile apps to solidify your HR and recruitment tactics.

Whispir solutions for HR & Recruitment

Internal Communication

Video Exec Updates


Staff Training

Talent Nurture & Recruitment

Interview Scheduling

Onboarding & Induction

Talent & Manager Feedback

Employee Engagement

Wellness Updates

Remote Worker Communications

Staff Surveys & Events

HR Operations

OH&S Policies

Shift Notifications

Workplace Planning

Benefits of the Whispir Solution

Contact Management

Truly connect with the right audience.

Create, manage and store contacts with a multitude of personalisation and targeting options. Get a complete view of your team, candidates and stakeholders by bringing together all your contacts with Whispir.

Contact Management


Send clear and concise information directly across multiple channels.

Leverage SMS, email, WhatsApp or voice to optimise engagement and increase cut through. Use our drag and drop editor to create professional and engaging content that’s on brand and on trend without the need for design or development resources.



Create logical communication workflows which operate simultaneously.

Customisable to your organisation and use case, use our intelligent technology to advance, iterate and develop faster. Bring communication ideas to life quickly and turn on new revenue streams with minimal effort.



Make your interactions intuitive and driven by data.

Efficiently rollout processes and activities that can be tracked and measured at every step. Reduce risk and free up valuable resources by automating statutory reporting processes.

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"ITel had driven innovation through the entire recruitment cycle and we needed to automate the way we get in touch with candidates. With Whispir’s seamless integration we have revolutionised our way of communicating with candidates, taking them on a digitised recruitment journey."

Mark Kearney
CEO & Founder
ITel International

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