Whispir’s Emergency Service Solutions for Dependable Crisis Communication

The extensive capabilities of the Whispir platform allow emergency crews to coordinate with HQ through essential crisis communication channels when time is of the essence. Explore our platform

Public safety requires open channels of communication

To protect their communities, emergency services need to function even when disruptions are in effect. In a disaster situation where power, telephone lines, and wireless transmitters have all gone down, Whispir’s platform continues to function in order to relay critical information.

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Ensure citizens are safe.

Whispir’s system works both ways, from government to individual, or as alerts that allow respondents to confirm whether they’re safe or not.

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Meet communities on social media.

Warn the public where they spend a lot of time - Twitter and Facebook - via warnings that come through as social posts.

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Leave no citizens behind.

Whispir has developed custom text services to help emergency teams reach their deaf and hearing-impaired communities.

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Incident communication software that scales to meet needs

When emergency services reach capacity (no more firetrucks, police cars, ambulances, critical equipment, etc.), their role then shifts to public communications. With Whispir’s communication software, we’ve helped reduce the critical lag between frontline responders to control teams and the surrounding communities down to two minutes or less.

Crisis Communication

  • Crisis & Incident Management Capabilities
  • Preset Emergency Response Workflows
  • Person of Interest Alerts

Community Alerts

  • Location-based Patient Transport Details
  • Public Safety & Event Scheduling
  • Community Outreach Based on Location, Time of Day, etc.

Staff Management

  • Real-Time Safety Response
  • Shift Management Scheduling
  • High-priority Internal Communications

Operational Continuity

  • OH&S Compliance + Reporting
  • BCP & Systems Security Capabilities
  • Emergency Task Force Deployment

Expand your methods of public safety communication

Whether it’s SMS messages, automated social feeds, native app push notifications, web portal updates, or automated triggers for voice recordings and emergency signage, Whispir is proud to collaborate with emergency departments to protect their surrounding communities.


Personalize your digital communication strategy

At Whispir, we respect our obligation as a digital communications provider that law enforcement and emergency teams rely on during times of crisis. From incident responses, operational communications, and crisis management, Whispir allows organizations to generate effective and meaningful engagement through communications in real-time and at-scale.


Send government alerts to specific locations, down to the person

The Whispir platform offers geolocation capabilities to better distribute emergency and government alerts, as well as gather contract tracing information. Plus, Whispir has integrations with companies like ServiceNow, IBM Resilient, and AWS EventBridge for their crisis and operational communications.

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Whispir has a proven track record of assisting emergency services in times of crisis.

The Critical Messaging System has enabled DFES to provide more emergency information to the public than ever before and streamlined the way we communicate with communities when it matters most.


Director of Media and Corporate Communications DFES

Ready to meet emergencies with reliable communications?

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