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Keep communities in contact, safe, and online – with Whispir

Whispir delivers a resilient energy and utility communications platform that is managed in the cloud. High volume, targeted messages can be sent to employees and community members even if internal hardware systems fail. Accountability and auditability is also simplified thanks to uninterrupted audit trails and real-time reporting of communications.

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Plan for the unexpected.

Thanks to a suite of communication capabilities, Whispir will help you mitigate risk, reduce incident impact, keep teams connected, and drive a greater customer experience.

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Keep all stakeholders informed.

Whispir’s integrated communications platform allows you to react fast and efficiently through multiple channels so you can reach your audience where they work and live.

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Automatically engage with internal teams.

Utilize Whispir’s automated workflows (templates available) to quickly react to emergencies or company-wide updates without a lengthy message crafting process.

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Business SMS, email, apps, social media, video, and more

Looking to improve communications to drive efficiencies and customer success? Whispir complements your digital business platform to help leverage communication channels such as SMS text, two-way voice messaging, email, social media, and mobile apps – giving employees a resource-rich, automated communication system for enhanced engagement and efficacy.

Workforce Management

  • Remote Worker Check In
  • Onboarding, Induction & Compliance
  • Mobile Workforce

Business Continuity

  • IT Service Management
  • Automated Advisory Notices
  • System Outage Redundant Communications Platform

Crisis Communication

  • Customer Incidents & Servicing
  • On-Site Consultation Scheduling
  • Multi-channel Messaging

Operational Communication

  • OH&S - Safety Checks for Compliance
  • Secure Internal Two-Way Communication
  • Mass Notifications for Internal & External Members

Employee communication no matter where you work

For energy and utility companies, staff members are in the field, often miles apart. With Whispir, you can send communications relevant to specific areas of your business. Plus, each group business unit and line of business has their own workspace within the platform which contains different message templates for day-to-day requirements.


Don’t let crisis communications fall through the cracks

The Whispir platform is managed and hosted centrally, which means you can keep communication at work moving smoothly, even during times of crisis. In addition to reducing overall risk and improving resilience during outages and hardware failures, Whispir keeps key stakeholders in-the-know, making it an ideal business technology for critical service agencies.


A history of effective business communications

Improve your communication processes with easy auditing, increased organizational resilience, greater transparency and compliance, and deliver a safer working environment for employees – all with the Whispir platform. Not only can communications be sent faster, but they’ll also be more accessible, which means you can better prepare for future crises.

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Just like Essential Energy, Whispir can help you improve your business communications.

The Whispir platform also provides complete accountability and auditability with uninterrupted audit trails and real-time reporting of communications, even when accessed from mobile devices.


Senior Project Manager (IT Infrastructure), Essential Energy

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