Starhub Case Study

new line Starhub Case Study

StarHub is Singapore's fully-integrated info-communications company, offering a full range of communications, technology and entertainment services for both consumer and corporate markets. StarHub operates a mobile network that provides 3G & 4G services. It also manages an island-wide HFC network that delivers multi-channel pay TV services. Through its business-focused arm, StarHub Enterprise Business Group (EBG), StarHub aims to help businesses get the solutions that will help them stay ahead of change, achieve flexibility to meet unique requirements, and give them the confidence in their technology so they can do what they do best. 



StarHub’s EBG Sales Operation has supported the Enterprise Business division since 2010, providing the main communications conduit to their enterprise customers. The unit’s core function is ensuring customer order fulfilment and the team perform a wide range of critical interactions including order confirmations, delivery scheduling, and responding to enquiries.

Before adopting Whispir, StarHub were using an enterprise messaging platform for day to day customer communications, which was stable, but there were several challenges:

· SMS and email had to be created and sent separately, which led to potential delays in customers receiving these messages;

· Templates couldn’t be standardised, which created discrepancies when different team members needed to send related messages;

· Messages couldn’t be tracked, so there was no way to know who had received messages; and

· There was no mechanism for customers to respond or take further action directly from the message.

Whispir addressed these challenges by offering an integrated platform that could send the same message - using standardised templates - across any channel, including SMS, email, social media etc.


Customers could respond directly to the message through the same channel that they receive it, and each message is tracked centrally – receipt, response, and any escalation that may be needed. 


A great advantage of the platform is the ability to integrate with other systems such as CRM or order fulfilment, and completely automate these communication workflows, reducing the need for human intervention, and allowing these to be planned and distributed consistently.

Whispir is also used to mobilise interest and generate fast responses to ad-hoc communications when needed, such as for event registrations, without the need for support from other departments like IT to create these communication workflows, providing both efficiency and self-sufficiency.

Whispir’s platform offered the team a range of immediate benefits, including:

· Time savings: creating a single message for distribution across multiple channels cuts both time and cost;

· Information richness: knowing whether customers received important communications, and whether any follow-up actions are needed; and

· Standardisation: using the same message template across different channels allowed the team to provide a more consistent customer experience.

“On-boarding was in fact quite a breeze – the team was up and running the day after the training was conducted. Both the Technical & Customer success team from Whispir are extremely helpful and quick to respond to our queries.”

        Kent Teong Chun Yeong - Assistant Vice President, Business Acceleration         Office, StarHub.

Starhub Case Study
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