This week in communications tech

This week in communications tech

As we wrap another huge week in technology, here's a look at some of the interesting stories we came across.

- Whispir partner Twilio pushed into day two of its annual developer conference, where the best and brightest come together for a chat about the future of communications and collaboration. Watch the livestream and highlights here: Twilio Signal 2017 Conference Livestream

- Back in Australia, local partner Telstra had a big win, as the Competition Commission ruled they wouldn't need to open their regional mobile networks to competitors. This protects the billions of dollars of investment being made in these remote area networks, and ensures that country Australia gets access to world class communications: Telstra wins big

- Even closer to home, Whispir's CEO Jeromy Wells shared some insights with Business Insider into the lessons he's learned building a business across borders: 6 things to know when expanding overseas

- In mobile news, new research shows 'Smartphone addiction' seems to only be getting stronger. Most smartphone users last year spent at least an hour a day, on average, glued to their devices, with some countries averaging up to five hours: Smartphone addiction grows

- This is having an immediate flow on effect in the way that consumers access the web, switching from internet browsers over to smartphones. Marketers need to respond, and find better ways to engage this audience. New research from Adobe Digital Insights shows that 78% of brands underinvest in smartphone advertising: Adobe Digital Insights 2017 report

- With all the advances in IT process automation are people becoming obsolete? Not yet, it seems. Technologists at the MIT annual CIO Symposium are holding out hope that there's still a place for human creativity and ingenuity, combined with advanced intelligence tools to keep solving bigger and tougher challenges: Massachusetts Institute of Technology annual CIO Symposium

And finally, in the emerging technology space, Computerworld shared four ways that blockchain is the new business collaboration tool, including reducing costs, improving speed of operations and increasing transaction security: Blockchain - the new business collaboration tool

And that's a wrap for this week. Enjoy the weekend, and make sure to check back in on Monday as we continue our education in technology series, taking a look at the ways primary schools are embracing mobile.

This week in communications tech
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