Whispir appoints Jonathan Swift as Head of Product

Whispir appoints Jonathan Swift as Head of Product

Melbourne, 3 May 2017 - Whispir today announced the appointment of Jonathan Swift as head of product and programs, responsible for driving innovation and leading operational activities across Whispir’s product portfolio of mobile communications technology. 

Based in Melbourne, Jonathan will direct Whispir’s product future as the company continues its international expansion. He has a specific focus on aligning current technology and overseeing the development of new offerings for local and global markets.

With 20 years in the technology industry and a zeal for product management, Jonathan joins Whispir from Frontier Software in Melbourne where he was head of product management for six years. He has extensive experience taking ideas and concepts to execution, creating products that put the user front of mind for great user experience. 

Jonathan’s career spans multiple startups and mid-size organisations all the way to large enterprises. Whispir believes this unique combination of skills and mindset will help develop a product portfolio that supports the company’s ambitious plans for international growth. 

Jeromy Wells, CEO and chairman at Whispir, welcomed Jonathan to the team: “We’re pleased Jonathan is on board to guide our products and technology, and help solve the communications challenges of organisations across the world,” said Jeromy. “Through our products, Whispir is placing communications firmly at the intersection of businesses, technology and people.”

“Our product design process is a combination of research, engineering, design, development and delivery,” Jeromy continued. “We are constantly evolving our processes and are always searching for better ways to nurture innovation.”

Jonathan will help Whispir meet existing and emerging opportunities across the company’s core expertise in crisis response, customer engagement and operational communications. 

A passionate product development leader, Jonathan plans to work closely with DevOps, sales, marketing and support teams to define a clear path for Whispir’s offerings. 

“Whispir’s rapid expansion and plans for further growth mean it’s an incredibly exciting time to join the company,” said Jonathan. “I love product development and am fascinated by the blend of technology and people, so for me, Whispir combines all those elements perfectly. I’m looking forward to building a truly user-centric product organisation here at Whispir.”

About Whispir

Whispir enables companies to design multi-channel mobile communications applications for crisis response, customer engagement and operational communications. Whispir allows rich content creation, contextual automation and cross‐channel interaction from one secure platform. Providing new and more effective ways for people and organisations to engage with their world, Whispir makes it possible to leverage valuable insights, best practice, templates, and workflows to solve the simplest to the most complex communications challenges. With offices in Australia and New Zealand, Singapore, China, and the United States, Whispir is the trusted communications provider for leading enterprises and government agencies around the world. 

Whispir appoints Jonathan Swift as Head of Product
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