Manage All of Your Contacts, Lists and Groups Securely in the Cloud

Get a complete view of your team and customers by bringing together all your contacts with Whispir

Using one platform, group and segment both your internal and external contacts and communicate with your audiences from a single login.

Whispir’s API can easily import new contacts from external sources across a variety of formats to create a new contact hub for all your communications.

Filter, sort and export contacts straight from your browser for configurable contact management when it’s needed most.


Create dynamic distribution lists

Segment your contacts based on structure, location, interests and more.  Use rules to enable the automated selection of people for inclusion in your various lists based on information in their profile.

See Contacts for yourself in a live demo

Segment and target communications based on profiles, skills, preferences, location and relevance

Whispir enables you to communicate rapidly and reliably as an event or campaign progresses. Locate assets, events, people, distribution lists and messages visually on a map to effectively manage your resources.

View key contacts, their communication history and how they’ve engaged with you to find actionable insights to better engage with your customers and team.


Personalize your messaging to connect with your audience in a whole new way

Create custom experiences and dive deeper into the profile of your database through seamless integration and the use of tags. Tags allow you to profile your contacts based upon title, location position and more. With minimal input, personalize every interaction with everyone who has a relationship with your business.

Engage data-driven workflows to automate manual business processes