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Make Fast, Meaningful, Data-Driven Decisions With Whispir Reports

Whispir ensures you have a complete overview of escalations and outcomes with all responses logged within the platform

Reach & engagement

Powerful and easy-to-use reporting tools allow you to measure the reach and response of your communications. See which communications were opened, read and actioned to test their effectiveness and gain meaningful feedback across a data set.

Audit & track

Review the delivery of all communications and escalations for better transparency and compliance.

Whispir’s advanced features provide full audit trails of all communications sent and received. Capture and manage information about an event, view performed tasks and export it all in easy-to-crunch formats for your external reports.

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Real-time, automated confirmations

Satisfy regulatory compliance requirements through automated notifications, real-time confirmations and audit trail reporting.

Using extensive roles and permissions setting, Whispir can be set up to model existing operational processes and procedures and make the transition to an all-in one platform as smooth as possible.


View and monitor your communications from the platform as they reach your audience

Keep track of your communications as they go out with updates on open rates, read status and actions taken all within the same platform they’re sent from. Email or export reports to key stakeholders, allowing you to make data-driven decisions when it matters most. 

Whispir Reports allows you to greatly improve situational awareness, speed up decision making and increase critical responsiveness.

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