Smarter marketing for your law firm, to capture and keep clients

Want to capture and keep clients? See how multi-channel marketing and communications can make a difference for your law firm. Learn how to improve your client communication by utilizing Whispir to acquire new customers, promote additional services, and grow your firm in our new ebook.

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Benefits of Whispir for Small Business

+ - No Code Design

Our drag-and-drop editor and predesigned templates make it easy for anyone to create beautiful, professional-looking messages and web pages. Send messages to confirm appointments, remind customers of payments required, and more - no tech skills required!

Design a journey that engages with your customers and makes it enticing for them to complete whatever action you want them to take. That could be leaving a review for your organization, providing feedback on their recent appointment, or simply filling out their information. Whatever it is you need, our easy-to-use interactive elements (such as rating sliders) and beautiful designs make it easy to capture your clients’ attention.

Easily import all the customers in your database into Whispir, and segment groups accordingly. That way, you can make sure you’re sending the right message to the right contacts at the right time. For example, you can automate messages to remind clients about upcoming appointments or follow up with them after meetings regarding any questions they may have.

Get a better understanding of your customers in real-time to see how effective your communications have been in reaching them. This way, you can adjust your messages to get better response rates and better understand what your clients need.

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Start your no obligations free trial and see how easy it is to send clients clear, engaging communications. After your free-trial Whispir is $49 per month, plus low cost SMS charges. Enter your information and one of our onboarding experts will help you get started ASAP.

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Whispir makes it easy

With pre-designed templates to save you time, we've made it easy for you to get started on automating your communications to reach your customers via SMS and Email. These are some of the templates on offer when you sign up to Whispir: 

Web to SMS Portal

Send SMS messages quickly and easily from a simple-to-use, customisable webform

Customer Feedback Form

Capture and route customer feedback (or staff) based on rules, such as type of feedback and department.

Work Location Check In

Reduce no shows by automatically sending appointment reminders for upcoming events.