Warn Staff

Let people know when unexpected events such as tornados, floods, and brushfires are suddenly an issue.

Send cutomized alerts to specific geographic areas.

Enable team members to reply to messages via text or email, with responses such as "I'm safe," or "I need help."


Provide Useful Information

Post disaster, let staff know where they can go for shelter and safety.

Provide recommendations about what actions they can take to be safe.

Use text messaging when power and the internet is unavailable.


Collect Data

Make it easy for first responders to send back information about what's happening on the ground.

Distribute information to groups who need to know, triggering the next action.

Get detailed analytics which can be used in preparation for future events.

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Australia +61 417 313 240
Singapore +65 824 11688
Americas +1 (206) 202-2372 
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Benefits of using SMS to communicate with staff during a crisis:

Whether you are managing a national, state, provincial, or local campaign, SMS can be a reliable way to get valuable information to your constituents and donors during critical moments.

Improve the speed and accuracy of decision making and communications during an incident.

Use full audit trail for compliance, planning and future risk mitigation.

Manage end-to-end business continuity via text messaging, including structured workflows and customisable templates for each unique situation.

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