Customized Communications

Send highly personalized and relevant information to shoppers and customers via SMS.




Enable Rapid Response

Enable instant response via text messaging, tracking all feedback.




Powerful Tracking and Analysis

Record rich analysis from customer interactions from their mobile devices.



Prove it, on my device…

We’d love for you to give it a go, text the
word 'Show Me' to the number in your region:

Australia +61 417 313 240
Singapore +65 824 11688
Americas +1 (206) 202-2372 
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Benefits of using SMS to engage your best customers:

Whether you are running a national department store chain, or the local hardware store, you can engage your customers via SMS.

Build a cheaper and more resource-efficient way to survey customers via their mobile device.

Give customers an easy way to get information on sales and specials they are asking to know about.

Alert customers of special events and ways they can be brand ambassadors.

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