we don't shout
we whispir.

our company

Whispir is a cloud-based communications platform that uses cutting edge technology to bring all your communications channels like email, text messaging and web chatting together in one easily accessible space. 

We help large corporations to small startups eradicate communication inefficiencies and redundancies so that their staff and clients can connect in new and productive ways. 

From our fledgling beginnings in 2002 as a side-project of two young architects who simply wanted to build a single platform to better manage team communication on construction sites, Whispir has evolved and grown into a global communications innovator with offices in three countries. 

As a public listed company on ASX, since 19 June 2019, which has garnered critical and industry acclaim across the Banking and Finance, Education, and Health industries, Whispir is committed to good governance, transparency, security and behaving responsibly.

About Whispir

our philosophy

At Whispir, we honor the innate human need to connect and be heard. We believe that good communication can change the world, and we understand only too well that the myriad of technologies we have available to us today can sometimes create so much noise that our message gets lost.  

This is exactly why we designed Whispir: to cut through the noise and facilitate the delivery of clear and compelling messages.  

Fundamentally, what sets us apart is our vision for a new communications ecosystem focused on supporting the human need to connect and be heard while remaining commercially vital and healthy.  


With this in mind, we adhere to six simple principles:


respect innovation


be ambitious


be accountable


find a way


be successful together


engage humanity

This is our agenda.
We don't shout, we Whispir.

our people

We’re thrilled to have gathered together over 140 of the smartest and most passionate women and men around to take Whispir to even greater heights. Just as our amazing team is committed to ensuring that we deliver world-class communications solutions for our clients, we are committed to creating a healthy, inclusive and supportive company culture in which our employees can grow and flourish. 

To this end, we have put in place several programs and practices which support their mental, physical and emotional well-being. For example, we have a generous training budget which allows team members to continually upgrade their skills and specialties. We encourage everyone to take care of their health by offering a free delicious and nutritious breakfast, and we provide an employee fitness program with activities like a running club and group workouts. We support work-from-home days, and of course everyone gets their birthday off. We reward excellence through our employee-of-the-month program that offers winners frequent flyer points, a generous cash bonus and extra days off. These are just a few of the measures we’ve put in place to show our team just how much they’re valued.