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Industry solutions

Leverage Whispir’s capabilities for any industry or communication need, big or small.

Enterprise solutions

  • Reach your community on any channel and foster two-way engagement with citizens when it matters most.

  • Whispir’s robust communication capabilities ensure emergency service crews can swiftly and effectively connect with their communities.

  • Facilitate first-class communications between healthcare partners, families, pharmacies, legal, and healthcare workers – all from one place.

  • Connect with policyholders and empower agents with Whispir’s full suite of communication solutions for insurance companies.

  • Keep teachers, educators, students, and teachers informed through the channels they prefer to use, including SMS and email.

  • From recruitment to retention, ensure the entire HR and recruitment journey is seamless through the power of digital communications.

  • Deliver timely, direct, and clear communications with the help of Whispir's seamless digital communication platform.

  • Ensure your workforce - especially those in the field and in high-risk environments - can stay in touch with HQ and one another at all times to keep everything safe and compliant.

  • To reach today’s customers, you need access to as many channels as possible. Drive direct, personal, and timely messages to those most likely to respond to your outreach.

  • When it comes to energy and utilities, a resilient and efficient means of mass communication is essential to keeping communities safe.

By role

  • Create highly engaging customer journeys that get your recipient’s attention and ensure your product or service remains front of mind.

  • Build out a seamless recruiting experience that increases candidate engagement while also retaining current employees – all from one platform.

  • Keep your workers safe by delivering essential safety and compliance communications in a timely and engaging way.

Use cases

  • When the unexpected happens, you need to be able to respond quickly. Whispir's crisis communication templates help you get critical information out as an event unfolds.

  • Utilizing rich messaging capabilities - imagery, dynamic forms, video, etc. - Whispir helps you personalize conversations via a simple, drag-and-drop interface.

  • By automating your incoming calls and bypassing unnecessary steps, you can reduce the burden on your call center employees and simplify the customer experience.

  • With automated appointment reminders, you can reduce no-shows without increasing your workload, which results in saved money and time.

  • Whispir helps you make the most out of your mobile app, from strengthening your digital strategy to increasing app adoption and engagement.