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Industry solutions - Emergency services

Timely and dependable crisis communication when you need it most

When time is of the essence, Whispir’s robust communication capabilities ensure emergency service crews can swiftly and effectively connect with their communities.

Ensure public safety through real-time & purposeful communication

When disasters and disruptions occur, emergency services need to be able to communicate with their communities. This is even more crucial when public safety depends on the accurate and quick dissemination of information. That’s why having a crisis communication plan in place and ready to action is paramount. Whispir helps emergency service crews drive meaningful connections with members of the public at-scale. Pre-approved templates make it possible to quickly create and send messages. Capabilities across multiple channels of communication - including SMS, voice and email - ensure you connect with the public on their preferred platform. Automated conference bridging allows you to field large volumes of calls and connect people appropriately. Real-time reporting lets you know when your messages have been received, opened, and even actioned. Automation ensures messages are automatically sent out when an event occurs, leaving you with more time to focus on what’s important.

Key features

  • Crisis communications

    • Crisis and incident management

    • Emergency response

    • Real-time citizen updates

  • Community communication

    • Patient transport details

    • Public safety and events

    • Community outreach

  • Staff management

    • Real-time safety response

    • Shift management

    • Internal communication

  • Operational continuity

    • OH&S

    • BCP and systems security

    • Task force deployment

The work that Whispir did to effectively go back and redesign a few critical errors was incredible. Right up to the day it was delivered - and it worked perfectly. We couldn’t have asked for a better job, to be honest.
- Clint Sommers, Business Analyst, New Zealand Police
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