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Use cases - Call center deflection

Call center automation serves customers and reduces costs

Determining which incoming calls can be transferred to and successfully handled by an alternate channel is a smart way to reduce the burden — and cost — on your call center.

Illustration showing call center deflection

Reduce call center traffic

Too many calls to your customer service team, help desk, or other valuable resource areas in your organization can grind productivity to a painful, expensive halt. But people call for a reason. Whispir helps you reduce the number of calls while still addressing callers’ concerns, with solutions that range from answering questions before they’re asked to setting up a call center automation system.

Key features

  • Preempting queries

    Deflect calls from your call center while still providing a great customer experience by preemptively giving people the information they need before they ever pick up the phone.

  • Promote your self-service channels

    Use automated emails, SMS messages, website notifications and more to promote your self-service channels to customers, addressing non-urgent queries without them needing to call.

  • Customized rich media

    Create dedicated landing pages that have interactive elements — such as response prompts for further action and expanded information — to help customers find the specific assistance they need.

Successful call center deflection

[Whispir] helps us drive members to the MyBlue Website and Mobile Application resulting in further communication and self-help services to keep call center volumes low.”
- Alina Koos, Delivery Project Manager, FEPOC
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