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Industry solutions - Healthcare

Healthcare solutions that treat patients like people, not numbers

Whispir's all-in-one digital communication platform keeps humans at the heart of their healthcare with a simple, secure, and innovative patient journey. From helping with COVID-19 vaccination distribution to return-to-work strategies and ready-made templates and workflows that help manage the entire healthcare journey, Whispir is proud to do it all.

Create meaningful healthcare journeys with Whispir

Effective, patient-focused healthcare can’t rely on a positive patient experience alone. You have to balance safety, costs, and legislative requirements for your entire team. Whispir helps healthcare partners facilitate first-class communications between all parties, including families, pharmacies, legal, and healthcare workers. With Whispir, your team is one step closer to focusing on what truly matters – the patients.

Key features

  • Secure communications

    • Encrypted security connections

    • Private incident response management

    • Continuous updates to platform security

  • Patient care reputation management

    • Telemedicine capabilities

    • Reduce missed appointments

    • On-site registration capabilities

  • Administration efficiences

    • Increase operational productivity

    • Eliminate information silos

    • Improve safety for staff, patients, and visitors

  • Integrations for providers

    • Facilitate collaboration between providers

    • Multilingual communication capabilities

    • Better manage the patient journey

Whispir has been groundbreaking in our way of pioneering new age communication within our company. Their support team has definitely made the learning process a breeze with fast responses to virtual person to person assistance. This system has allowed us to become forward thinkers in how communication is deployed.
- Christine Cabildo, Systems Analyst Community Memorial Health System
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Real world applications