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Industry solutions - Hospitality and retail

Retail & hospitality solutions that increase customer engagement

Whispir helps you leverage customer communications when it’s most meaningful and advantageous. With two-way communication and multi-channel business technology at your fingertips, you won’t just increase workplace efficiencies, you’ll increase customer satisfaction, too.

Leveraging Whispir for retail & hospitality

Cut through the noise with a unique customer experience thanks to the Whispir platform. Our all-in-one dashboard lets you create memorable conversations via text messaging, email, mobile apps, and more. Our platform also allows you to send communications in bulk, with added personalization, and scheduled for peak sales times.

Key features

  • Customer engagement

    • SMS marketing & customer feedback

    • Personalized loyalty campaigns

    • Multi-channel engagement

  • Business continuity

    • IT service management

    • Company-wide updates for consistency

    • Call center workflows for better customer service

  • IT service management

    • Shift fulfillment & rostering

    • Staff feedback forms & surveys

    • Onboarding & training workflows

  • Employee engagement

    • COVID-19 safety & compliance management

    • OH&S checklists & capacity planning

    • Scheduled appointment reminders & shift availability

Previously, our response rate was low at about 20%. With Whispir’s platform, we are able to send SMS or email to targeted customers along with the interactive microsite, the response rate has gone up to 80%. It has also significantly reduced the time it takes for an officer to manually contact each customer.
- Lee Kuen Haw, Senior Manager M1
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