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Industry solutions - HR

Engaging human resource communications

From recruitment to retention, you play a critical role in ensuring high employee engagement. Get the right tools for delivering effective and impactful HR communications.

Connect with candidates and employees through thoughtful communications

Human resource teams have to manage many functions. It’s essential to have a strategy that spans every stage of the HR journey; including recruitment, onboarding, and ongoing employee engagement.

Simplify and streamline your HR communications with our all-in-one platform. Save time through powerful automated messages, choose from multiple channels – including SMS, email, and voice – to always make sure you’re connecting with your employees in the right way, keep on track of compliance and training with audited communications, and so much more.

Key features

  • Internal communication

    • Executive updates via video

    • Newsletters

    • Staff training

  • Talent nurture & recruitment

    • Interview scheduling

    • Onboarding and induction

    • Talent and manager feedback

  • Employee engagement

    • Wellness updates

    • Remote worker communications

    • Staff surveys & events

  • HR operations

    • Shift notifications

    • Workplace planning

    • COVID-19 compliance management

Itel had driven innovation through the entire recruitment cycle and we needed to automate the way we get in touch with candidates. With Whispir’s seamless integration we have revolutionised our way of communicating with candidates, taking them on a digitised recruitment journey.
- Mark Kearney, CEO & Founder, Itel International
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